You go outside and you find a stray puppy and a stray kitty with no ID which one are you keeping

You go outside and you find a stray puppy and a stray kitty with no ID which one are you keeping

I would keep both. They will get along fine if raised together, but if I had to chose then I would chose the puppy. I am more of a dog person than a cat person, although I do like both.

Probably neither but I wouldnt take them to the pound. Id call animal control and place a lost and found ad in hopes of finding the owners. If that didnt work out, Id get in contact with our local rescue and help home both.

Now….if I didnt.already have 3 dogs and 6 kitten Id keep both.

Thank you for your A2A. You go outside and you find a stray puppy and stray kitty with no ID, which one are you keeping? Under other circumstances I would keep both. However, I would keep the kitty and find a good home for the puppy. Our dog Quincy doesn’t take kindly to puppies or dogs around his kitten. He is fine with any new cat or kitten. He loves cats. Edward found a little beagle and brought it home. Quincy made it very plain that it was not welcome to stay. It did have a collar with a name and phone number, so Edward was able to find it owner, who was happy to get his dog back. Quincy is fine with dogs anywhere else, just not on his territory.

Lol. Probably both. I currently own 1 cat and 1 dog. Both are awesome companions. Why everyone thinks you need to choose one or the other is beyond me. My friends are mixed bag as well. I find nature beautiful in many forms and variety is the spice of life as they say.

Ideally, I’d want to keep both, but only after I was sure they weren’t lost by anybody. I’ve lived in a number of places with a variety of both over the years. Only very rarely have I not been able to make it work at all, to the degree of needing to keep them separated. Especially if they’re both babies, because then you have more or less a clean slate and you have the opportunity to really shape how they grow up to be.

If I could only choose to keep one or the other then I would probably keep the kitten, but I would find a good home for the puppy. I say this with a large degree of certainty, but there’s always some chance the puppy might take to me better than the kitten. You can’t know for sure until you’re in it.

There’s no scenario where I would just walk away from either. My first cat was just sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work one night. That was just fate. I lived in a third story apartment and my roommate used to leave the light on for me because I always got home late. It was the only light on, on my whole street – he followed it like a beacon. I was instantly smitten!

Hell, just two years ago when I first moved to Valdosta, I was driving in a heavy rainstorm and I drove past a scared dog running back and forth in the middle of a busy two-lane street. I pulled over and put him in my truck and must have driven him around for at least three hours. He didn’t have tags and I contacted every local agency I could think of the no avail. Finally, a lady I spoke with told me there was a housing development adjacent to the road where I found him. I ended up on a street he recognized and he jumped out the window. I followed him and watched him run home.

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I’m taking both inside and to a vet immediately while calling a local rescue to help.

If they are bonded they need to stay together… I’m a dog person so would likely want to keep the puppy but have a feeling seeing a kitten in that situation would have me wanting to keep both and give them a loving home.

I’m at capacity right now for keeping any pets, but I would take them both in and help them. I would first feed and water them, then call a shelter to see if they could take them in and post them on our local lost and found pet pages.

Neither,not right away, as they might have homes but no id so they should be taken to a vet to be checked for a microchip first before you decide to taken them in and assume they are stray with no home.

Sadly, I couldn’t keep either one as I have plenty of my own pets already, plus I foster kittens for my local animal shelter -but I would certainly save both and bring them to the animal shelter so the can get proper veterinary care and get adopted into loving homes. 🙂

Most definitely I would pick up puppy and take him home. The kitty would depend on how young it was. I would check if there were any more around if it was small, as sometimes feral cats leave their kittens whilst hunting for food. If I could find no signs of any others and it was not in a sheltered spot, that could mean mammas coming back, I would probably take it home too. Then take both to the vet and get them checked over, and hey ho it looks like I have a family to take care of! I think I may be very happy!

Both! After checking for a microchip and owner

Both, after of course determining that there really is no ID attached to either animal. Why does “The Incredible Journey” come to mind here?

By the way, “stray” means “once had a home, and doesn’t now”. That implies that both animals are friendly to humans. To turn this question on its ear yet keep the same sense, the alternative question would be “you go outside and you find a stray puppy and a stray kitty with no ID, which one do you condemn to death?”

Any stray domestic animal we find will be welcome in our household regardless of species. The determining factors would be if we can find their original home or if they prove themselves a danger to our other pets.

Since I already have a full house, neither. What I would do is clean them up, isolate them from my other pets since their health status is unknown, give them fresh water, a soft warm place to nap and a light nutritous meal. I say light meal since I don’t know when their last meal was.

Once they were settled, I would take good photos, front and profile, type up a description and where the animal was found and distribute flyers and post on social media. Many shelters are online so emailing the flyer to them will also help. Notify all vets in the area and then print hardcopies of the flyer and post them everywhere.

If nothing results from this after a month, then you could take them to a shelter or you can find a home for them. Or keep them.

I have had a couple of pets get lost years ago that I was contacted about nearly a year later. Hopefully foundlings will be reunited with their family.

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I might keep both. I am not a cat person at all. I am not particularly fond of cats. I would take the puppy to the vet to see if it had any health problems. I would also want to know the exact breed. I would keep it if I was able too. If not, I would find it a good home for sure, same with the cat. I wouldn’t keep the cat but I would find it a home.

I’d pick up both, search for owners. Finding none, I’d find the puppy a good home, and keep the kitty. I know myself, and I’m definitely a confirmed cat person.

Both. Both. Both.

Why pick one? They are small enough to learn to grow and be best friends.

I currently have a kitty cat and a puppy.

Probably both to be fair I mean how on earth are you supposed to decide. I couldn’t so I’d just keep both with the intention of finding a home for one of them.

Both my senior cats are age 12- a baby of either species would stress them both out, but I think the kitten would be accepted by Fred and Ginger eventually.



I’m keeping both. But not before I take them to a VET to get shots, chipped and most importantly spayed or neutered. I realize this is a hypothetical question, but the fact is this happens more often than not. Every animal deserves a chance for a wonderful life just as we do. In a real life situation I would never think of calling the pound in the event I was unable to keep an abandoned or abused pet. If I had to I would call a no kill shelter. In the event shelter’s are full I would go to any lengths to rehome. I should have mentioned I would check to see if they are already chipped.

I will post flyers all over the neighborhood and blanket facebook and my vet’s office with pictures of the two in hopes of reuniting these fur babies with their respective families.

But, I’m sure the heart of your question is which would I keep if they remained unclaimed. Well, that puppy is staying with me and the kitten will be given to a loving home.

I’d do what I’ve always done. I’d take them inside and feed and water them and put the word out that I found them. I’d call the places that help to place abandoned pets.

I would be tempted to keep both of them but first I would reach out to rescue groups or animal shelters in the area and see if they possibly were microchipped and in the computer system. Just because they don’t have a collar, doesn’t mean that they don’t belong to someone. If they aren’t in the system and don’t belong to anyone, I’ll keep them both.

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NEITHER!!! That is WRONG!! Once some time has gone by and you’ve exhausted all options in finding the owners, then you may keep one or both.

When you find a lost dog or cat, you should first and foremost get them checked for a micro-chip. If there is a chip then they will reach out to the contact info on chip & hopefully talk with the owners. If no chip, and you don’t want to just simply drop them at the shelter, you can post flyers every where you can by where you found them at. Then go online and post ‘found dog/cat’ ads on Craigslist, Facebook, Nextdoor, Pawboost, etc etc. People can share your ads and get the animals photos/details circulating so eventually the owner may come across it.

Also, call your local AC and give them a description of the animals letting them know you found them and leave your call back number with them. That way if someone calls asking if a dog/cat were dropped off or picked up, then they can contact you.

If nothing comes from all of this and it’s been some time, and you want to now adopt them, you can go get them registered and chipped with your current info and give them a loving home & happy life for the rest of their days! 🙂

Well, if it were me, I could not keep either because I have a cat. So. I would take them to the vet to check for a microchip to see if they already belong to anyone. If they don’t, I would bring them to the rescue that I volunteer at and get the word out that there two beautiful and cute babies that need loving homes. I would tell all my friends to check them out, that they’re sweet, fun and would fall in love with these beautiful babies. My cat is a very lucky girl. I found her on the street. She was a stray, she chose me and I took her home. So, I know about strays. Charlotte is so sweet and knows she’s lucky. She has a mommy who loves her. She gets good food, she has great toys, loves to watch TV and sleeps with me. So, I would hope for the same fate for these two babies. If you find a stray dog or cat, and they choose you, take them home. If you can’t, try to find a home for them or take them to a no kill shelter where someone will choose them and give them a furever home.

Neither. I take them to be scanned for a microchip. I contact animal control to check lost reports. I file a found report. I make found posters that I can hang in the neighborhood. I contact vet offices with the found posters. I do everything in my power to find their home.

Neither. I have a cat and dog and don’t need another.

I would take them both to the Animal Humane Society, where I know they will be professionally housed and cared for until they find their forever homes. Baby animals are adopted very quickly. I know this because I volunteer with the Humane Society and also with a rescue.

Boring answer I know. Maybe you wanted a more exciting answer where I say dogs are better or cats are better. Both my pets are the best on Earth!