You are on your way to pick up a new kitten how do you decide which one will go home with you

You are on your way to pick up a new kitten how do you decide which one will go home with you

All my babies are rescues. Whenever I go anywhere with the intention of getting a ‘new to me’ animal, I let the animal pick *me*. I sit down and talk to the animals, offering my fingers for sniffing. I watch the way they react to my voice, my smell. If the animal, no matter how scared of me, turns out to feel safe enough with me to respond, that’s the one I usually take home. I’ve adopted elderly, young, disabled, retarded (yes, seriously), and all of them have been joys to be around. Some have been beautiful, some were funny looking (until I grew to love them, and then they were beautiful too), but none were picked for gender, looks, breed, or age. I am grateful they didn’t pick me on those bases either! <insert grin here>

Many of them turn out to approach me near enough to cuddle up with a body part (often my foot or my hand) and lay down to take a quick nap. That’s a hole-in-one response. In the case of my most recent acquisition (12 years ago now), I stole her from an abusive owner. Her leg was broken in two places, her knee was dislocated, and she had internal injuries as well as parasites. It obviously hurt her to move, to breathe, but when I spoke to her, she head-bonked me and began to purr. That was it. Love at first site.

They pick you out. If you’re very lucky and you listen, they also tell you what they like, dislike, and want from you, using ears, whiskers, tails, purrs, and head-bonks.

I would ask the kitten owner to tell me as much as they know about each kitten and if anything is unique to each one. Also, what were mom and dad cat like? Do you want a male or female? Is color/markings important to you? I’d play a bit with them (take a simple string with you). Does one stand out? Good luck!
And if I might add to everyone who reads this, please do not use cheap, plastic food/water bowls because it is suspected the plastic chemicals in them have caused cancer, thyroid, and kidney problems to animals later in their lives.

It all depends on how much space the cat has to roam freely. They are hunters and need to space to run around and hide.

What cat suits you best also depends on you.

Observe the litter for a while. The one that is too hyperactive will be the bully and won’t hesitate to give you a a bite. Pick him or her if you want a real fun cat who could be a fur full of terror. The alpha.

The one that is a being bullied will be overly clingy and could even annoy you a times. usually the rut.

I chose the middle one, friendly yet keeps her own space. Active and also loving in her own way. There are good YouTube videos that will help you understand better.

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First, I bathe them in 1624 triple distilled wine as kittens.

Then, those who survive are put into a cage to engage in a DEATHBATTLE.

Then, out of the surviving two kittens, I pump them full of experimental steroids and put them to a torturous psychologically damaging maze.


As they reach the end…

I have to make The Ultimate Decision.

Deciding which one is cuter.

After years spent contemplating in the Himalayan Mountains-

I take them both home.

All Apologies


I can’t say for sure how I would decide because I have never gone to pick up a kitten or cat. My kitten have been either strays that showed up at my house or rescued by someone else and brought to me. All the kitten that I have now, except one are from a feral and semi-feral cat colony that was on the property when it was bought. I would let the kitten pick me or I most likely pick the runt of the litter. That is if I were buying the kitten (which I would NEVER buy a cat or kitten .) At a shelter I would pick one that no one else wanted. I don’t think that I could leave with just one.Or I would go to the pound and take home the ones that were next to be put down and remember the faces of the ones that were left behind.

Well, when I was adopting my two kittens (maine coon and muted tortie) I didn’t know they were the ones right away. Initially, I wanted a grey tabby that was part of their same litter, since it reminded me of a cat that had just passed.

I am so glad Smokey decided for me.

He scaled the kennel fence to reach out and touch me, and when I felt his paw I looked and saw this tiny thing that had climbed to reach out, and I knew he wanted to come home with me.

I also wanted to get a kitten for my sister, since she was also dealing with the recent passing of our old cat, Misty. Smokey had a tiny fluffball of a sister, and she came home tagging along with Shmokes.

I suppose it’s a thing you decide in the moment. It’s something I think about sometimes, how I almost didn’t bring him home. I would have never gotten to experience this giant cuddlebug of a cat! (He is huge and only 2!)

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The kitten will choose you…There is a precious moment when a particular animal chooses it’s forever home and person… It is so special a moment it is really hard to describe with words… I wish I could see a video of your kitten adoption it is really heart warming to see these things…Here is a example of what I am trying to explain to you…

Often, in my experience, it is not a queston of you choosing a cat, but you being chosen by a cat. On one occasion I was calling a breeder, looking for a Burmese. She had none – but I heard someone calling in the background. He was a Foreign Lilac (a sort of single coloured Siamese) I went to meet him and he made it clear he was waiting for me. And he was here for nearly 20 years.