Why would highly trained and disciplined puppies be difficult to find homes for

I also agree with Katie Bjorkman, these dogs are selected specifically for being high energy, hyperactive dogs. Often they come from shelters where they were left because their owners could not deal with them. Dogs like these will become destructive, or they may be escape artists. Unless they can go to somebody who runs a farm and they can follow him around while he rides his quad-bike, it would not be easy to find suitable homes for them.
I saw just few days ago Malinoise dogs trained by military who could scale 4 m wall, climb trees and walk on wire

You cannot have a puppy capable doing all that and leave it alone while you go to work. I would not want to live with one. While sniffer dogs are not trained to attack, they have to be nimble and fast going over luggage being loaded on planes, or through hull of a cargo ship. It’s fast go go go the whole day.

I think both Eliot Steele and Katie Bjorkman are right. It depends on the dog. I have listened to several presentations by members of the Minneapolis PD K-9 Dept, who were accompanied by their animals. There were at least two dogs in the group who could.not.relax.at.all. They were sitting properly but clearly were on high alert: scanning the audience, snapping to attention at certain noises, every muscle tense. At the other end of the spectrum were a couple of dogs that after their 10-hour shift, just wanted to go in the house and watch TV with the family kids (per their partner’s descriptions of them). One of them lived in my neighborhood and was a calming influence with the couple’s autistic child.

The picture you want to promote is the one that satisfies your agenda and I think that is what the Illinois official who was cited, was doing.

Some dogs can be retrained to chill — something my father did with a puppy no longer needed by the German Army after WWI. That one turned into a baby sitter: human, hound, he didn’t care. If someone told him to “Watch the Baby” that baby WAS going to be safe on his watch. I just don’t think they can all chill that well. I would be very surprised, however, if a dog could find NO second job at all, providing a good human partner was available for redirecting the animal’s attention and habits.

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Because they are working dogs.

These dogs are used to working 8–12 hours a day.

They need miles and hours of exercise, and hours of work or training to be happy.

Even in “retirement” when the dog can’t work due to age or health reasons they can be quite hard to place.

They wouldn’t be. This is a threat by an anti-pot zealot who knew he was targeting people who would be most concerned for the dogs. That is “bleeding heart” liberals, who also, coincidentally, are mostly in favor of legal pot.