Why is it regarded optimal to adopt a puppy at two months

There are generally three reasons to get a pup at 8-12 weeks.

  1. The puppy would be able to nurse from its mother and be fully weened at the time of pick-up. Allowing a puppy to nurse for that long gives it a healthier start at life because the immunity it receives from its mother will be longer in duration, thus helping to protect it from many horrible diseases.
  2. The puppy is young enough that it will have very few outside experiences or traumas, which help to shape them (personality, behavior, etc…) in a manner that may be unsuitable for the new owner. Basically you get the pup before anyone can ruin them, by teachng the pup bad manners, commands, etc.. All they’ll really know is what their new owner expects.
  3. Staying until 2–3 months old will also allow the puppy more time to interact with its mother and litter mates. The mother will help to teach it discipline and the other puppies will help to teach bite pressure awareness as well as help with socializing with fun and games.

It is old enough to be away from the mother by then and you have another 4 weeks to get the most basic training into them. The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life is the easiest 12 weeks for them to get used to things, it allows for the greatest amount of socialisation. anything they get used to in that time they are most likely to continue being used to. So say it is a hunting dog, getting them used to gunshots, or if it is to be a seeing-eye dog, traffic, traffic lights, etc. The first 8 weeks are integral with the mother and litter as they teach it puppy social skills. Did you ever see a puppy that is taken too early for whatever reason, they don’t always know how to interact with other dogs, so that is why that time is suggested as best. Puppies learn quickly too, so that helps.

Because it lets you split the crucial socialization period.

Puppies need to learn how to “dog” and get along with dogs and in a puppy world and they also need to learn how to “human” and get along with humans in a human world.

The former is best accomplished by time with mum and littermates, the latter by time away from mum and littermates and with humans (preferably one that will be around to stay bonded to for a bit).

The crucial socialization period to accomplish both is 6–12 weeks old, so we split the difference and say that 8–10 weeks or around two months old is the optimal time to take home a puppy.

Personally I think that three months is better.

If you get the dog at two months, it is heading into another teething stage. Puppy Mom can do a better job than I about teaching what not to chew on and the puppy will be farther along in that I don’t need to chew everything in sight stage. That said, I have had two month old puppies when I was first starting out.