Why does my kitten love to shove his head into and go crazy over my buttery smelly sneakers

Why does my cat love to shove his head into and go crazy over my buttery smelly sneakers

It’s way more a boy kitty thing. They are super sniffers. They like to mark their territory with scents from their head and butt. This is separate from peeing on fence posts and any other vertical surface at cat nose height which is mostly the behaviour of unneutered males.

Now, when we get to shoes! Well! That smells strongly of one’s human!! AND the cat can smell some of the amazing places that the shoes have recently stepped in. Not to the extent that dogs can sniff these things out, but still they can tell a lot about what all you’ve been stepping in lately.

Then there’s the neck thing. There are scent glands under the jawline and on the forehead. I am convinced that is why scratching these areas feels so good to kitty. So with the whole head stuffed into the daddy /mommy smell, and the entire ring of neck glands being rubbed all at once, And the fact that the shoe was obviously designed to fit the cat skull like a glove…

Well, then what could be more pleasant?

I don’t know but a couple of my kitten do that too. Or smelly well-used insoles. I suppose it’s because they smell strongly of the wearer and it’s a sort of comfort thing. To kitten natural bodily scents aren’t unpleasant like they are to most humans.

Because it is a concentrated essence of the one he loves and he’s loopy with delight. I think to a scentual cat, it is a warm, secure comfort. Shoes have the solidity of a box and SMELL like the chosen one.

My personal observation is that cats and dogs tend to love stinky odors, the stinkier the better. Many dogs love to roll in dead animals and their own poo. Perhaps it’s the pungent aspect of such rancid odors. It is the animal’s unique cologne that differentiates it from other animals.

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Its normal for cats to like awful smells. My cat would hide her mice inside my boyfriend’s smelly boots. When I was a kid, my father would take off his socks and throw them on the floor. My cat would come by and steal the stinky socks. My mother used to find them in her bed.

Cats find many scents enchanting or interesting that we tend to find unpleasant or just plain offensive.

I had a kitten once that used to stuff as much of his tiny self as he could fit, head first, into my then boyfriend’s very smelly shoes.

My bf, unfortunately, had seriously vile, stinky feet and no matter how hard he tried to address the problem, nothing seemed to work.

So he always carried at least one extra pair of shoes and several extra pairs of socks everywhere he went.

When he came over, he’d leave the shoes he arrived in at the door and then hit the bathroom. He would wash his feet, change to clean socks and shoes and stuff the socks he took off into one of the shoes by the door and then put the shoes into a plastic bag.

Usually, by the time my bf was ready to socialize, the silly twit of a kitten would have deeply buried himself in one of the shoes and he’d stay there for ages. I think he sometimes fell asleep in there and he never seemed to have any problems with finding a way into the bag with the shoes and socks.

Apparently the foul smelling shoes were simply irresistible.

After the kitten finally finished enjoying the vile shoe stink and came out to play with us, I would have to bathe him, just to be able to tolerate having him in the same room as we were, never mind sleeping with us.

Your cat is certainly not alone in having a stinky shoe fetish.

An enhanced sense of smell is a cat’s greatest asset and smelling things to them is the same as reading a book on you.

Because the sense is so powerful and informative, it does not pay a cat to be appalled by a sour smell, rather it is just another smell that tells another story.

I imagine your cat chooses to interest himself in your shoes is that it is your smell, and your cat wants to know everything about you and what you do.