What type of elf is Kerillian?

What type of elf is Kerillian?

Wood Elf

Is Kerillian a dark elf?

Shade Kerillian is not a darkelf Scout, only a woodelf who took inspiration from them in devotion to Khaine. She doesn’t even have dark elf skin how people claim. If you look at the picture from the official V2 page, you see that her arms have a very light tone.Jan 9, 2018

What is Kerillians curse?

Kerillian, in an attempt to free these souls, entered into a pact with The Pale Queen, where she would offer up a massive quantity of souls in exchange for the elf souls (this is why she’s cursed, as she’s marked by the goddess of death, and is also why she counts every kill she makes, as she’s counting how many souls

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