What does mirto taste like?

What does mirto taste like?

Mirto is made from the berries of the myrtle bush, which grows abundantly on the island. Its berries look like elongated blueberries but taste like juniper, allspice and pine, which give the mirto liqueur its spicy flavor, similar to amaro.

What is mirto Sardegna?

Mirto is the classic liqueur and digestivodigestivoA digestif is an alcoholic beverage served after a meal, to aid digestion. When served after a coffee course, it may be called pousse-café. Digestifs are usually taken neat. Liquor cocktails (Black Russian, Rusty Nail, etc.)https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Apéritif_and_digestifApéritif and digestif – Wikipedia from Sardinia, made from an infusion of myrtle berries. Bresca Dorada’s Mirto berries are harvested by hand in the inland parts of the island, mostly from wild plants.

How is mirto made?

Mirto is made by infusing an alcoholic base such as Vodka, with fresh myrtle berries for 8 weeks, so the flavours can soak into the alcohol, as does the myrtle pigment. Sugar is made into a syrup before being added to the mix, some may use honey as a substitute. Later, it is filtered, pressed, and bottled.

Where does mirto come from?

myrtle plant

What is Sardinian Mirto?

Mirto (licòre/-i de murta in Sardinian, licòr di mortula in Corsican) is a popular liqueur in the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia, Corsica and Capraia. It is obtained from the myrtle plant through the alcoholic maceration of the berries or a compound of berries and leaves.

How strong is Mirto?

A complex formula is then applied to adjust the final level of alcohol—32% to 34%—with the addition of a solution of sugar and water. The finished mirto has a deep ruby color, herbal and spicy overtones, and a lingering bittersweet finish that leaves a slight burn. Finally, it’s bottled and labeled by hand.

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What is Mirto Verde?

Mirto Verde is a rarer liqueur than classic Mirto. It is made of freshly hand-harvested myrtle leaves and flowers from the inland part of Sardinia known as Sette Fratelli, around the estate. Bresca Dorada’s Mirto Verde is subtle, distinctive, and very flavorful, with a long savory finish.

What color is Mirto?

The finished mirto has a deep ruby color, herbal and spicy overtones, and a lingering bittersweet finish that leaves a slight burn.

When should I drink Mirto?

You can drink it in the traditional after-dinner fashion, but you can also use mirto in place of sweet vermouth for a spicier version of a Manhattan, or muddle it with a little mint and add cava for a light aperitif.

Is Mirto an Amaro?

Mirtamaro is an amaro (bitter liqueur) made mostly of Sardinian botanicals infused in pure grain alcohol then blended with both green and red Mirto. This is a very complex, balanced drink, with notes that are reminiscent of licorice, mint, forest-floor and maybe a hint of citrus.