My kitten aged 14 seems always to be cranky and yowls whenever anybody picks her up Why does she do this

My cat aged 14 seems always to be cranky and yowls whenever anybody picks her up Why does she do this

Some kitten don’t like to be picked up, but they might be happy to climb on your lap. Let your cat come to you. Talk to her, play with her, and pet her if she will let you pet her. Having said that, you need to consider the possibility that she may be ill or in pain. Get her checked by the vet if you have not already done so.

With the cat being 14, I would say that he/she has arthritis and it is probably painful when people pick it up.

She may well find it painful. Older kitten often have arthritis and may have sore joints or a sore back but they don’t usually show that very much. But if you pick her up, you may be making her hurt a lot more so she complains about it.

It may be time to let her choose when she wants to get up on someone and let her be the rest of the time.

Stop picking her up! She is in pain! You should take her to the vet to have her checked. Even if it’s just arthritis, they can give you medicine to give her for the pain.

You probably should have her examined by a veterinarian. She may have pain somewhere when she is picked up.Also,she may have health issues such as arthritis,etc. Many problems can be treated with medication,etc.

She is a very old kitty and like humans her joints are failing so it hurts when she moves. My cat is 17 years old and she also has arthritis. Elderly animals and humans are very frail.

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She might have arthritis and be in pain, which being picked up would make worse. At 14, she is an old lady.

My very old cat had arthritis and my vet prescribed her a pet version of marijuana in pill form (they were TINY). They were called Canna-pet. It really seemed to improve her quality of life. Depending on the laws in your area, you may or may not be able to get some for your cat.

As others have suggested, the most likely reason is arthritis. Take her to your vet and see what s/he thinks. Your vet may be able to prescribe something, or make other suggestions.

Does she limo when she walks? You need to remember a cats average life span is 14-16 years so she is really old. She will be cranky because she is hurting more she yowls maybe because it hurts her…our boy is 15 and does this too…if you notice she is walking limpish it is because her joints hurt….our 15 year old boy is old and his hip hurts him…lately his front legs also hurt so we bought him joint medicines and it seems to help.

Please keep in mind she is older now amd is more fragile have her checked out and if she needs joint medicine please be sure to have plenty of water around.

Well, she is getting on in years. Being picked up gives a cat no control since it has no purchase on the ground to fight or run away. Her joints are probably aching. Check the amount of fish oil in her diet to lubricate her joints. My cats have Norwegian cod liver daily, in small amounts. Too much can cause liver problems. I cured a friend’s dog of arthritis with turmeric, but no animal likes the scent of turmeric. Does she have a heated pet warmer pad? These have a low steady heat that will soothe a cat. As they age their circulation is not as efficient and they are often cold. Is she always a cat loaf, never a flat cat? Your vet will have definitive answers for you.

Did your cat always dislike being picked up? Mine did, even though she loved jumping into laps and being petted? Again, your cat is a senior citizen and could possibly have arthritis. I’d recommend that you take her to the Vet and see what she/he thinks. If it is arthritis, perhaps they could prescribe an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for felines or perhaps a muscle relaxant). Whatever you do, do not attempt to give your cat any medication like aspirin (even baby aspirin) on your own.

Your cat is a senior. She is achy and when you are in pain you are cranky. If she has arthritis it probably causes her pain and it gets more intense when you pick her up badly. You may want to have the vet look at her. They have medicine that might ease her discomfort.

There could be several reasons.

First, many cats do not like being picked up. So the question is, is this new behavior for her, or has she just recently started objecting to being picked up?

Could she be in pain? If you gently touch or move different parts of her, well you’re not picking her up, does she suddenly react? If it seems like she’s in pain, or you’re not sure, that would beworth a trip to the vet.

How did she act when you pet her? How is her walking? Is she eating normally? How about her bathroom habits? Is there anything else about her behavior that has changed? These are all things that the vet will want to know.

A 14-year-old cat is getting up there in years. It would not be surprising if she was developing some kind of problem. I really think you should take her to the vet.

She’s just getting old. Cats get more frail. She might be hurting with some aches and pains like an old person. If she stops eating or drinking or going to the bathroom normally, that’s a sign. Get her to her veterinarian.

You cat may be in pain.That could be the reason for her being cranky. When she yowls when being picked up, it may be because it hurts her. She needs to go to the vet and find out. In the meantime stop picking her up. Take her to the vet.