Is it harmful to use a shock collar to train a dog

You might want to edit your question, from ‘drain’ to train a dog. The answer is yes and no. yes, it can be harmful if the shock collar is used harshly in a cruel and thoughtless manner. I know of a family whose children were allowed to use the remote to shock their little jack Russel terrier for being too hyper in the house. This of course made things worse. The puppy became aggressive. I would have liked to put that collar on the parents, to correct them for bad parenting!

Some trainers use shock collars for training hunting dogs, who have to work at a distance. In skilled hands, electronic training systems can be a great tool, but in the wrong hands, a torture device. Shock collar systems can be incredibly useful for teaching a puppy to stay within the boundaries of a property.

That’s what I use mine for. I have a stubborn Pyrenees X who sometimes strays off our ranch. He’s not a problem when the weather is bad, but on a beautiful fall or spring day, he forgets that he is required to stay home when given free time on the yard. A shock correction at the right time, is a very quick and thorough way to teach him that bad things happen when he leaves the yard without my permission.

I use a high correction for those times. A light static shock does not give him enough correction. When I hear him yelp, from a far distance, I know he has just learned that stepping off the yard is bad. It will save his life. We live too close to neighbours and a busy gravel roadway with a lot of farm traffic.

For that reason too, my dogs are NEVER taken off the yard, except by means of a vehicle (to the Vet or Groomer).

I once taught a dog aggressive little Pom that biting another dogs’ face, for saying hello was a definite No No. This little dog did this consistantly, luring another dog to come on over with an invitation to meet and greet… and then Chomp! I caught her in the act twice, and used a high correction. She never did it again.

It’s important that the dog associate un acceptable behaviour with the correction, not with you and the remote. That’s where a knowledable trainer comes into the picture.

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Not necessarily.

An electronic training collar is only as effective or ineffective, as humane or as inhumane as the human who is using it.

If you are OK using aversives (pops on the collar, loud noises, verbal corrections, spray bottles) then the e-collar is just another aversive option that gives you longer range for certain training goals.

Note that it is not going to be any more effective than other aversives you are using, just give you longer range. If you can’t use collar corrections effectively on-leash, switching to an e-collar will just make you ineffective at a longer range, not actually help anything.

Most electronic training collars have non-shock options like vibrations or beeps, and the actual “shock” is closer by far to static or a joke handshake buzzer than an electric fence or cattle prod. They are not the right tool for every dog, trainer, and training goal and while I’m not against aversives I do use them as corrections for trained commands and not to teach anything new, but they are not, as a tool more likely to be “harmful” than other training tools. Just realize what the tool is and isn’t good for and use it appropriately.

The shock administered by an approved shock collar is safe, so while it is certainly enough to get your dog’s attention and deter certain behaviors, it won’t do any lasting physical harm. … If you’re using a shock collar as a barking deterrent, the collar responds to the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords. At the very least, you should take your dog’s collar off at night so they can sleep comfortably. Go to my Profile and you can find all Dog Training material there…

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Draining dogs is not advisable using any method, unless they have an abscess. In that case, only a vet should do it.

Shock collars and other training collars are tools which, when used correctly, can actually be more humane and easier for a dog than some other methods. The key is being taught how to use them correctly and not just buying them and thinking it is something anyone can do.

I would not use one unless it’s absolutely necessary for the dog’s own sake, as Erin said. If you are having a problem with some behavior, I would try clicker training the dog out of it first. It’s a very positive and successful method. You can read up on it on the internet. Just think how you would have felt as a child if your parents had put a shock collar on YOU.

I would never use a shock collar. I do not think it is a reasonable means of training and goes against everything I believe. Training is a fun experience. What makes it fun for the trainer and the dog is Positive input, positive output. There is no need to ever use negative training. That style of training is so outdated as it should be.

As per my own experience, it’s not good for the dog, so my point of view you can use a normal collar, its good for the dog and trained properly. Before some days i was purchased one dog collar for my dog from online Posh Puppy Boutique with good price.

Put it on yourself and try it:)