Is iroko wood good for kitchen worktops?

Is iroko wood good for kitchen worktops?

A durable and tough choice for your worktop, this West African timber is resistant to rot as well as temperature and moisture irregularities, making it superbly suited to the heat and steam of the kitchen. Iroko also comes with a gorgeous golden colour that will darken and mature beautifully and gradually over time.

Which wood is best for kitchen worktops?

Oak is arguably one of the most well-known hardwoods and is commonly used in the production of wooden worktops. Oak as a raw material is a really hardwearing option as well as a good-looking one. With it’s natural and appealing grain, oak is also exceptionally strong, making it the ideal choice for kitchen worktops.

What is Iroko worktop?

Iroko worktops are made from an African timber that darkens significantly when oiled and will develop over time to a rich bronze. This sophisticated colouring makes a beautiful centrepiece in any kitchen.

What oil do iroko worktops use?

danish oil would be my choice too, the above poster nailed the application perfectly. another tip is once its soaked all it can and has dried is to give it a good buffing with a lint free cloth. makes it look sweet as a nut.Aug 4, 2006

What is the best oil to use on kitchen worktops?

Linseed or Tung Oil Pure linseed oil or tung oil are better suited for treating hardwood worktops as they penetrate timber more effectively than other natural oils. Though it may take a long time, these rub-in oils will naturally dry or cure on their own.

Is Iroko good for worktops?

It is a tough, dense and durable wood, making it perfect to build stunning worktops out of. Interestingly, Iroko often referred to as African or Nigerian teak, and is used as a substitute for that wood owing to its colour and grain. The wood has a high oil content, making it naturally hygenic.

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