Im looking forward to buy a Rottweiler puppy and raise him up to be a good family guard puppy what should I be aware of

Buy your puppy from an ethical breeder. Ask around the puppy community, and find a breeder in your area. You are going to want to discuss the pup with the breeder for months after you take it home, so make it easy. Forget the guard puppy part. Most breeders won’t sell to you if they think you want an aggressive dog, and you don’t want a pup from a breeder that will sell under that description.

Make it clear you are looking for a pet-quality and aren’t going to show. An ethical breeder will give you a contract that requires you to spay or neuter at an appropriate age, and will reserve the first right of return. If the breeder hasn’t done so, chip the pup.

Train your pup by positive methods. Look for a trainer that uses clicker training. If your trainer prospect says anything about a “Training” or “pinch” collar, run, don’t walk, away from them. A good trainer will train you more than the dog. The trainer is only going to interact with the dog for a few hours. You are going to guide the dog for the rest of it’s life.

Rotties are working dogs. They need exercise to keep their muscles toned. There are many dog sports they are suited for. Try carting, they actually love pulling a load.

Good luck with the pup. Train it properly, and it will be a loving, loyal family member, and all the protection you will ever need. Almost all of the other answers have good advice. Read them, and take their council to heart. Thanks for the ask.

“Good family” and “guard dog” are two different dogs. Both are special creatures but you only need to love and teach a Rottweiler that he belongs to your FAMILY (not just you) and he will protect you all. They are large, powerful dogs that are fierce looking – people usually avoid them anyway. Trying to combine the two (guard and family) is a recipe for disaster and if you are a novice; it will end in chaos.
If you are SURE you want to buy from a breeder (not a shop or fly-by-night poster at the local cash n carry); research the breeder. Make very sure you aren’t supporting a puppy farm. Try to visit homes where other pups have gone and definitely meet the parents. Look for clear eyes, happiness and contentment. If they are snappish and edgy, walk away. The puppy should be at least 12 weeks and watch how he/she moves.
I wish I could encourage you to just visit a shelter to see what they have. Please. Your Rottie puppy may be there waiting for you. Is there no Rottie rescue near you?
Either way, the supplier should provide good written advice on feeding and basic behaviour. Take him/her to puppy school and professional training – you can’t do better than that for your fur baby and yourself. You will learn a tremendous amount and will bond with your puppy; getting to know his/her personality.
Please, they are powerful dogs but handle them with firmness and affection – never shouting or beating – and you will have a lovely, loyal pet.

You should be aware of what you mean by “good family guard dog” and make that intention clear to the puppy source from the get-go.

A dog falls into one of three categories:

  1. Doesn’t bite/threaten, and thus is a worthless guard dog
  2. Does bite/threaten, and thus is a major liability and not an asset
  3. Bites/threatens if and only if commanded to do so and is reliably called off by a single command every time

If you want a dog that will bark at funny noises, get a yappy little terrier dog. A Rott will be a visual deterrent to a bad guy, but certainly won’t be the first alarm dog to go off. If you want or need an actual personal protection dog, then you are a hundred times better off to go purchase a fully trained one from a professional trainer. This is not training that I would screw around with doing myself – or that most breeders would be willing to sell you a pup that has what it takes for that work when you are a novice.

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Take the word “guard” out of there. You want a good family dog. Ask the breeder lots of questions, they know their dogs and the breed. Take the pup to puppy training and then to some basic obedience classes.

Just having a nice Rottweiler in your house, or with you on walks, is enough of a guard dog.

Guard dog training is very specialized and not something to do for most people. I had a client whose son did this with their German shepherd dog. The dog randomly bit,vand finally attacked the Mom, she needed 200 stitches in her arm. They brought him to our clinic for the ten day quarantine and sought out a guard dog trainer they could give him to. The trainer came, checked out the dog and said no way, the dog was not a guard dog but was now an unstable dog that could not be trusted. We had to carefully take care of this dog so no one else was injured, and then euthanize him.

Be aware that Rottweiler’s can be very aggressive, and have powerful jaws. I was attacked by a Rottweiler after having petted him on the sidelines at a softball game. I weigh over 200 pounds and was 6′ 3″ back then. When our at-bat was over, I reached down, picked up my glove, got up to trot onto the field, and this Rottweiler I had been petting earlier attacked me. The attack lasted one second (sic). One second! I had multiple huge bruises on my right side with some bleeding from tooth marks. My whole side hurt like hell, and I could hardly continue running out onto the field, but I toughed it out. I shudder to imagine what would have happened had the attack lasted for five seconds. You may think you are going to have a nice safe dog, but Rottweilers can be dangerous. Don’t be surprised if your best friend or a complete stranger gets hospitalized by your “family pet”. You’ll need to keep him away from people outside your family.

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you should have a puppy with exact physical traits of a Rottweiler a Rottweiler puppy must have a shiny coat. he should be black in color his marking must not be in any color other than mahogany or rust. those with triangular ears folding. forward are a pure breed of rotties. An adult Rottweiler will naturally sleep for 12 hours per day, puppies and older Rottweilers will sleep for even longer (source). Go to my Profile and you can find all Dog Training material there…

Your question is a great one and don’t let these pet dog owners discourage you.

Rottweilers are molossers and like the majority of molossers they are very family oriented and are suspicious of strangers.

Because of pet people wanting cool looking dogs that care nothing about their original purpose the Rottweiler has become watered down.

Because I’m thinking that you don’t want a watered down 1. You may need to find one from working lines instead of pet or show lines.

A good way to know what you’re getting is by meeting the dam. If she let’s you, a stranger, approach her without the breeder introducing you,then her pups aren’t what you’re looking for.

If the parents are working guardians the chances of you getting a guardian pup goes up.

The amount of time you would have to sacrifice and commit to enriching it’s life with discipline and exercise — be it physical or mental.

As long as the whole family chips in to take care of the dog and project leadership qualities — like taking turns feeding it and providing it with stimulation with basic command training or even just taking him out for walks — the dog will gradually form strong bonds with everyone in the household and will instinctively want to protect the family (his pack) from perceived threats.

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Don’t do it. If you’ve never helped to train a guard dog, you definitely do not want to start without professional help and not on such a powerful dog. Teaching the dog to love you is enough, they have a strong protective instinct and won’t let anyone get away with harming you. But trying to teach it aggressive / territorial behavior will absolutely result in blood loss and emotional trauma not to mention the very real possibility of your dog hurting or killing another human.

Hire a professional dog trainer or purchase a guard dog.

A family protection dog is the ideal solution for many different lifestyles. When choosing a family protection dog it is essential that you choose a reputable trainer to train to control its aggressive behaviour. The most important element of a family protection dog’s training is that the dog has the ability to switch from a loving pet to a strong protective guardian on command. Strength and power should always be controlled. Have peace of mind with a dog trained by Platinum K9, the very best for the job.

Always treat the dog with kindness…never shout or strike the dog in punishment. Use positive reinforcement training to teach the basics.

Rottweilers are naturally protective, so, unless you very specifically need him to attack/bite and more importantly STOP attacking and biting on command, there is no need to teach these. They are great deterrents and should scare off potential intruders.

You should be aware that you may not be able to provide a suitable home for a Rottweiler. The first clue is that you want a guard dog. An aggressive dog is like a loaded gun except that you have no control over the gun.

Do not even consider getting a Rottweiler as a first dog.