If you look in your kittens eyes what is your description of what you see

If you look in your cats eyes what is your description of what you see

Jet Black Iris hovering in a dilated shape dispersing across the verdant gooey olive eyes…That’s before she chased off in the progress of me writing this down.

If you are referring to the structure of their eyes it is amazing how they are made and function. If you mean as if the cat were human, then I see love and contentment at times, confusion at other times. Of course there are times when their whole face is saying “why are you so stupid”, “no! , I won’t!”, “How could you do that to me?”

Hi Bud, Wow . . . what a question . . . Cats? a bit like ‘mortals’ . . . some just don’t want U looking them in the eyes? . . . U know something just isn’t quite? Genuine ?

Short story: Middle of Winter, cold as hell outside, snow on the ground . . . My Daughter heard this meek ‘me’ ‘me’ ‘me’ sound coming from underneath our deck. A little ‘kitty’ . . . she brought him into the house / not a neighbors kitty, probably a ‘dump and run’ job.

He had found a ‘new home’ . . . He grew up . . . a big cat . . . ‘the eyes’ oh my gosh . . . the ‘you’ll not regret adopting me look’. He never ran from dogs either . . . stood his ground . . . with those eyes? Don’t try me on, you will live to regret it.

And? the ‘I love U’ . . . ‘Just trust me eyes’ . . . a dam great Cat!

He lived a long life . . . but the day came? Time to go and meet ‘Simba’ . . . a sad day 2.

‘Those ‘lion kings’ . . . .

from ‘cubby’

Thank you.

I have learned that their eyes can change, which at first alarmed me. My two Sigapuras had outsized, huge eyes. Hers were a blue/green and his were always a deep emerald green and always dilated unless I took him outside and faced him into BRIGHT sunlight. As she aged, (she lived to be 20), her eyes became complex with brown in them. It was like a water planet suddenly had continent speckles. She had a disconcerting way of holding a deep, steady unblinking gaze straight into your eyes, It made my friends uncomfortable. I found it beautiful and charming, like her.

My kitten now have the same color of eyes, but his look much darker due to his black coat. He is also my old soul cat, whereas she is a charming, sunny child. He is incredibly empathetic and will run to you if you cry out in alarm, instead of hiding under the bed or nearest safe zone. I have never seen such an empathetic gaze, not in any animal. There can be no denying he has a ‘soul’ as if it there,

at one glance into his eyes.

The framed photograph is the only one I have showing My Singapura, Shnoo’s eyes. The top one is his ‘sister’, Quinoa, when she was older. The rest are of my OS kitten, Snow and Sky. You can see Sky’s soulfulness, can’t you?

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OQ: If you look in your cat’s eyes, what is your description of what you see?

6 million years of pent up fury and hunting acumen, packed in a soft, fluffy shell that pretends to be “cute”..just waiting for me to lower my guard, or forget to top off the kibbles, and then unleash itself upon my doorframe or sofa in a fearsome display of dominance and aggression..

It’s licked my flesh..I know what it’s endgame will be..

*locks self outside house*

*forgets the kitchen window is open*

..cue dramatic music aaaaaaaaaaand fade..!