If you kiss a kitten how does it interpret it

If you kiss a cat how does it interpret it

Original question: If you kiss a cat, how does it interpret it?

This question about kissing a cat seems to interest many Quorans.

My belief is that kitten do understand that a kiss is a sign of love. How do kitten greet us humans? They rub their scent on us by brushing against us, licking us, sitting on us, whatever. When they put their scent on us they are indicating that we are ones to be loved, sort of family members.

Therefore, if we kiss them they logically interpret it as us putting our scent on them. The idea that a kiss is a friendly gesture is reinforced by the softness of our voices and the fact that a kiss is often accompanied by the human petting the cat, rubbing its cheeks or scratching behind its ears. Cats are not stupid. They see things and interpret them in the context in which they are done.

Our late Sasha –

Our late Sasha certainly figured things out for herself. I have told this story before so I apologize to readers who are tired of hearing it. Sasha used to rub against me. She started to brush the edge of her face and lips against my cheek. I’d return the gesture by giving her a kiss on the top of her head. About a year after we’d gotten her Sasha totally surprised me. Instead of rubbing her lips on my cheek she gave me a kiss. Well, it wasn’t just like a human kiss because our anatomies differ, but what she did was put her mouth against my cheek and open and close her lips. She was imitating the way Mommy and Daddy kissed her. She did this for the rest of her life. She had figured out that a kiss was a sign of love, a way to indicate a bond, so she did it. To me that was the greatest sign that cats understand what kisses are. I’ve told the story before, as I said, and have been pleasantly surprised to hear from a couple of other people that their cats also learned to mimic a human kiss.

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one of my rescue cats hates being held and seeing anything coming for her face. I’m sure she was hit. My older rescue cat loves to be hugged, held, and licks my face (ouch). I’ve never kissed him but he loves if I rub my head on his or forehead bump him. I’m sure he’d love it if I kissed on him but I’m not going to do that.

My cat was first raised by a neighbour at the cottage who would pick up the kittens , cradle them on her ample and comfortable bosom and give them a kiss. Seven years later my cat still loves to be picked up and kissed. The bosom part is severely insufficient and I always think she is a bit disappointed She is the most trusting an affectionate cat in the universe

Kitty would probably be more comfortable with a nose bump. If he doesn’t growl at you or pop you in the face with his paws, you’re probably OK! Look into his eyes. Are his pupils wide? Then you’re OK. Are his pupils little slits? You’re pushing your luck.


This is my Isaac. IF I kiss him. He likes to suck my ears.

He was the Runt of the litter of Six he was so small we though we where going to loose him. Daisy and Lily is his sister.

So we had to supplement him. Now he is the biggest. I believe to this day he thinks I am his mother likes suck my ears …

Well, I doubt that it thinks, “Oh, I just got kissed.”

A kiss doesn’t really mean anything to a cat, but he will most likely sense your feeling. Since the kiss represents the feeling, you could consider that you just sent a love message to your cat.


I do think that they interpret it as a gesture of affection.

My boy Bengal thinks he’s owed this. He’s very affectionate and friendly.

Here’s what he started doing a couple of years ago:

When I’m not paying attention to him (reading, eating, working or on my phone), he takes his paw and pushes whatever is in my hand out of it; then he tilts the top of his head towards me and keeps it there until he gets a kiss on the top of his head.

How pathetic, but cute is that?! Ridiculous.

Also, every morning he knocks my lamps off of the night stands and anything that is on the counter or tables until I’m out of bed by 5am. This strategic destructive behavior doesn’t end until I’m out of bed and feed him.

His sister (the girl Bengal) is doesn’t do all of this. She’s more elusive and less rambunctious. Very independent. She also bites if you try to pick her up or pet if she doesn’t approach you first. She’s more of a lap cat on her terms.

I play wild life safari blu ray movies for them to keep them entertained (they need constant interaction or they destroy my home).

Here he is; needing attention:

Him trying to push my phone out of my hand:

The boy is the bigger cat here, the girl is the smaller one.

The boy going through my purse

The girl finds something hilarious here

Cats greet each other touching noses and they will do that to humans too. I had one lovely pregnant patient who phoned the office and said “I have to come in right away. I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.” I had to laugh, told her she could come in but that our area did not have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She came in and even though doctors are trained not to laugh at their patients I couldn’t help it. Her nose was the size of 4 strawberries. I said,, “You have poison ivy.” She said “How could I get poison ivy on just my nose?” I answered, “You have a cat. What is the first thing you do when you let your cat in?” She said, “How did you know we touch noses?” I said, “Because I have 4 cats too and I do the same thing.” About 20 years later at the dog pound in another city I heard, “Did you used to be an obstetrician.” Without looking I said her entire name and added Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She goes “OMG she remembers me.” I turned around and would not have recognized her but I knew her voice. She headed the animal shelter. It had been 20 years and her gorgeous daughter was about to get married. What a wonderful life we lead…it is said “Coincidence is God’s way of voicing an opinion.”

I have given my cat kisses on his head since he was a kitten. I’m pretty sure he understands it’s my way of expressing affection, but I believe he prefers the more “cat-like” ways, like rubbing his cheek, or scratching the lower back spot above his tail. He’s a pretty tolerant cat (as cats go) and let’s me get away with more than many other cats would allow.

I kiss my cat on the forehead and she licks me on mine. She also lets me rub noses with her. I tell her I am going to kiss her on her eyes and, believe it or not, she lick’s my eyelids. If I pet her, she licks me. I think she knows a kiss is a kiss.

Cats express affection in many ways, including nuzzling, gentle headbutting, light nibbles, and mutual grooming. All of these behaviors are similar enough to human kisses that I believe it wouldn’t be hard for a cat to understand a kiss from a human as being an affectionate gesture.

Of course, a cat’s understanding of things ultimately depends on its own experiences and thought processes. They might not understand kissing at first, but they’ll probably understand it given the context of the situation. Cats may not be hardwired to automatically understand some things, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

I find individual cats respond differently.

My current male Tuxedo Carlo loves to be kissed, especially on the top of his head, but also on his back and pretty much any place where he likes to be petted. When curled up or lying with his back agsinst you, he’ll often raise his up head, asking you to kiss it. He never wants you to do it by surprise or as soon as you approach. But once you’ve greeted him, if he’s ready for affection which is most of the time, he likes kisses.

I think he also tries to do his own version of a human kiss, but it’s a bit problematic.

We got him when he was 4 months old from some nice people involved in animal rescue. He’d been brought to their shelter but since it housed only dogs, they brought him home to foster until he turned four months and could be neutered before they let him go.

The day we picked Carlo up, just as we were heading out the door with him in his carrier, they said, “He likes to bite noses,” something they hadn’t mentioned until now.

And sure enough, sometimes when he was being very loving, he would stop and gaze into my eyes with a loving look, and if he could reach, lean up and then just grab hold of my nose with his teeth for a second. He meant it as affection, but it could hurt.

It’s taken time, but after lots of pulling away as soon as I could feel his teeth the slightest bit, and softly repeating, “No bite, Carlo, no bite, kiss,” he’s pretty much gotten the message and if he feels like it and gets the chance, he will still put his mouth on my nose, but will just rest his teeth on it without any real pressure, or just open his mouth the slightest bit and touch it to my nose.

Because I’ve also sometimes turned my cheek to him when he would make a move for my nose, another way he kisses sometimes is to take a bit of my cheek between his teeth and press just enough to hold it there for a couple of moments, without biting hard enough to cause any actual pain.

Another male Tuxedo, Rascal, who was with me many years earlier, also loved being kissed. But he’s the only other cat I’ve ever had who appreciated it as affection.

Another male tuxedo I had in between, Nemo, didn’t especially care for it, although he was very affectionate in other ways.

And none of the female cats I’ve had would accept kisses. One in particular, although quite affectionate in her way, practically shrinks in horror if you approach with your face and mouth close towards her in an attempt at a kiss. So we oblige her by not kissing.

I have two cats and they both respond very differently! My black cat lets me kiss his cheeks and head and seems to know that, along with scratches, is how I show him affection. He never pulls away or flinches, just accepts my kisses.

My Ragdoll, on the other hand, hates when I kiss him! If I lean in he pulls his head back and has the funniest look on his face, something along the lines of “why in the world are you getting your ugly, stinky mouth near my face?!” He’s a pretty “flinchy” guy in general, even when I’m petting him when he wants attention, so that could be part of it.

I think my cat thinks it’s love but she doesn’t really care for it if I keep doing it. I like to kiss her over and over and over again on her head. After around 20 times then she’ll push her paw on my face to signal me to stop doing that. She does this with no claws at all very calmly. I’m sure it’s even a tad bit exhausting if you’re being smothered by someone 10 times bigger than you. Sometimes she just wants to be in my lap and not be bothered. Sometimes I pet her to sleep.

I have two boys now, unfortunately beginning to get older, that both kiss me! One of them, a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat came to me full grown on an afternoon in March when the balmy morning temperature was quickly dropping, the winds that prelude a nor’easter were gaining strength and darkness was beginning to settle in. I heard a plaintive meow as I unlocked the door. There he was. I asked if he was hungry and wanted some food. In cat he replied that yes he was hungry. I went in opened a can and took it to him. The wind was howling. I asked if he would like to eat in the hallway. Again in cat he said he would appreciate that as his long, beautiful fur wasn’t a match for the wind. I opened the door and he went right in and up the 3 steps to the landing as I was still in the entry. As I bent down to give him his food he stood on his legs and planted a kiss directly on my mouth! Guess who stayed inside and was scheduled for a visit to the vet’s?

He was full grown, about a couple years old, thin but well groomed and had not been neutered! He was a perfect gentleman about using his litter box, never sprayed even though I had other cats. He has a very sweet nature. I often wonder how he came to me. I feel that perhaps he shared life with an elderly person. Something happened to his human companion and maybe relatives decided that they would just let him fend for himself.

The other guy was a skinny, buff, half grown little fellow that was a little afraid of me initially. Then he suddenly began to get friendly in June of 2006. I guess he decided I was okay. After a week or so of feeding him in the hallway at night I made a call to the vet’s about an hour before they closed on a Thursday. I asked if I brought in a half grown cat, would they please check him for fleas, worms, ear mites, FIV, give him his shots and neuter him along with anything else and I would pick him up the following afternoon after work? Woah! They said they were closing soon but would ask and call back. Yep! Bring him in. This guy now looks like Garfield. He wedges himself as close to me as he can while I am sitting on the couch. He takes a position as close to sitting like a human as a cat can, with his fat cat body, purring and looking up at me with adoring eyes. That is the signal for me to lean down. He cranes his head up and kisses me then does the one cheek to the other cheek thing a few times then we go back to watching TV!

There was once a long, large, all white, male cat in my life. He waited for me to come home. When I walked in the kitchen he would jump on a stool and from the stool to an island. He would then stand on his legs while pawing the air and vocalizing looking beseechingly at me. I would go to him and bend down close to him. He would then put a paw on either side of my neck and pull me close to him. The kisses started from one side of my face to the other. That was Peanut who someone thought would be small. He grew long and weighed in the mid 20’s. His mother and sister had this thing about riding on my shoulders. His mother came as a pregnant, small, 6 month old black cat. She rode my shoulder as I prepared their food, supervising I suppose. Where they go that from I don’t know. When they were kittens and just able to get around his sister started riding me. I soon found that it was best to keep an eye on her if I walked through the dining room when she was little. She had figured out that if she jumped on a chair and could quickly get on the table she was able launch her little self at my back with those tiny, sharp kitten claws before I was out of range—YEOWW! I learned to watch and offer her a shoulder! I was properly trained. A beautiful little girl with white long fur and a yellow and blue eye named Angel. An angel on my shoulder?

I believe a cat can interpret your feelings and even thoughts towards it. They respond to us in the way we treat them. They read our body language, our tone and actions really well.

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It depends on how well you know them and how close you are to them. A random cat, it will see it as an aggressive, invasive act and may lash out. Not good.

But a cat youve owned for a while, that is bunting you (headbutting you) will see it as a sign of affection. Bunting, little small licks and slowly opening and closing of their eyelids are cat kisses.

One of our cats meows at my wife every time she comes through the door and keeps following her around untill she gives the cat a kiss ! I’m not sure what the cat thinks about it but it does seem mandatory !!

Oscar knows it means love. he looks forward to those forehead kisses

A feral kitten I once rescued did not let me near her for a long time, hiding in the corner of my closet for two months and shrinking and hissing anytime I came near. After some time, though, she became comfortable in my household and so desirous of affection that she would climb on my lap any chance she’d get and rub her cheeks all over me and cuddle and purr endlessly. I’ve taught young children and have noticed a similar phenomenon: the ones that are quickest to push you away are the ones that want and need your affection the most. I happily responded to the kitten with lots of petting and scritching and cuddling and kissing.

Anyhow, that kitty would pay careful attention to my behavior, as she was still quite sensitive and nervous about being in her new home. At one point, about the time when she was finally warming up to me, she started to respond to my kisses by lifting her muzzle to my mouth, touching her “lips” to mine, drawing them back and bringing them forward again. It was difficult to interpret her behavior as anything other than a little cat-mimic of a kiss!

Her sister was bolder and warmed up to me more quickly. The first time I kissed the sister (on her side), she opened her eyes wide and jumped away from me. Now, however, both sisters just blink and purr and give me head butts when I kiss them. They understand.


I seriously have to put my hands in the air …and step away from the kitty. LOL

I know at times he must think that I have lost my mind. Because kitties do not require that many kisses in one day.

I can’t help it, it’s like some sort of illness that I have. I see his face and I have to kiss it.

Sometimes, he sees me coming and will make a break for it.


But then he just stops and rolls over…”Fine Mama…get it over with.”

I try to tell myself, “Jen, you gotta give the cat some space.”

But I never listen.

Model is Mikey

A cat knows when you’re loving on them, even when you’re doing something awkward or something they don’t particularly like. For example, when you talk to a cat, it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it. Your tone of voice and your intentions can be sensed by the cat.

They even know the difference between a hostile action vs. something accidental. I’ve accidentally hit my cat before and it immediately knows that it was an accident, and doesn’t get mad or run off or anything. Likewise, I’ve seen people hit cats on purpose, and they know just as well that it was on purpose, and react accordingly.

There’s a reason cat lovers say cats are smart. They are in many ways.

I have two cats, and I have on occasion kissed them. As best I can tell, they simply do not understand what I am doing. They seem to find it a bit unpleasant, and invasive. There are things they do appreciate. My older cat, Caramel, likes to “snuggle.” She lies next to me, on her side, her head on a pillow, and she reaches over with her front paws and places them on my arm, and often strokes me until she drifts off to sleep. I hold her with my hand, so she feels secure. My younger cat, Grace, doesn’t like being held, but often lays with her bottom against me. Grace loves attention, and regularly asks to be stroked and such, She head butts to communicate a desire to be shown affection. But kissing clearly doesn’t appeal to them. But cats are very much individuals. Some may well enjoy being kissed.

I should add, the slow blink that cats give is often referred to as a “kitty kiss.” Cats like to give and receive them.

My cat Patina quickly learned that the kiss is a sign of affection, and frequently insists I kiss her when she’s being affectionate.

(👆👆 Patina’s in my arms because she demanded I hold her. In this pic, I leaned toward her to kiss her head and she gladly leaned her head up to accept it. Sometimes she’ll tilt her head up without my prompting her—of course I always oblige.)

I agree with other posters who said any cat will interpret any action by its context, and I agree. There are so many things I do as a symbol of affection which will freak out a new-to-us cat until they realize I’m just being affectionate (one of which being patting the cat’s side, often with enough force to knock her over if I didn’t have my other hand on her other side to brace her—it never hurts the cat, and patina quickly learned to brace herself when I pat her side, she clearly enjoys the attention).

I think Patina interprets the kiss as a human’s version of a cat’s head bunt.

It really depends on the cat.

Thomas, my old man Maine Coon (couldn’t prove it by me and I bred Maine Coons for several years, but he had papers), will actually lower and present his forehead for a kiss between the ears.

Squeaky, also a matronly “lady” of 12 years, understands human kisses are a sign of affection and will tolerate them…grudgingly.

She jetplanes her ears, screws her one eye shut, and looks disgusted. As soon as I withdraw, she reaches out, pats my face with a paw, and leans in to lick my face,lips preferred if she can get away with it.

I like her licking my lips about as much as she likes me kissing her forehead so we’re even there.

Jakey, the feral who came in from the cold (or if he wanted to sleep with me, or if the hunting was bad, or if the alpha tom from hell was around, or if he needed dog time, or for whatever reason), would walk up my chest in the middle of the night, take the tip of my nose very gently in his teeth, and waggle it back and forth.

Sometimes he’d settle down on the bed for a nap. Sometimes I’d hear him leave through the cat flap.

Sometimes he’d come in just to “nose-ele” me and leave immediately afterwards.

Squeaky, the female I mentioned above, will, if allowed, sometimes settle down next to me in bed and wash my entire face, for hours if allowed. I, if feeling gracious, will allow it for a bit, then get up and go wash my face.

Thomas, the old man, gives kisses, but isn’t into obsessive licking, but will rub his face all over my face or hands, and likes to give love nibbles. Those are his version of kisses.

Both my cats love it so much.. they purr and even lean to get more. i actually trained them to give me a kiss back.. one of them when i lean to her and say “give me a kiss” she tries to stand up and then gives me a kiss.. so adorable

I’m not sure. I think she just thinks my face is close to hers and that’s okay. At least I know she doesn’t mind my face in hers and it doesn’t annoy her. She also sometimes proceeds to groom my forehead or nose if I’m near her face. But she comes up and kisses and rubs against my nose, so what’s fair is fair 🙂

Almost all of my cats actually actively randomly seek me out during the day JUST to get, or give, me kisses, then they wander off to go back to whatever it is they were doing. So mine interpret kisses as signs of affection, just like humans, and just as intended.

Most understand it’s a loving gesture and enjoy it, tolerate it or shake their heads in rejection.

I know 2 cats who are extremely afraid of it, they think I intend to bite them. One of them, with a lot of time and patience, finally understood. The other hasn’t known me long enough to get it yet.

I once had a beautiful marmalade tom cat. When I came home from work he would always jump up on the back of the couch, put his paws on my shoulders and press his nose on my lips

Whenever we had guests, after I had seated them and for all the hostess things, Phred would hop up on the coffee table and wait to be introduced by name.

His name was Phred D. Kat. He was with us mid-80s. He will forever be in our memories.

These are my girls. The top one is Bokeh and the bottom one is Buggy, shortened from Junebug. They are siblings we adopted from our local shelter. Technically they are our fifth and sixth cats. Our four previous cats each lived 17 plus years and when the first four had dwindled to three we adopted these two kittens. Soon after their adoption friends of the family came over to meet the kittens. These friends had two young boys under the age of 10 who were enamored with our kittens and declared “oh these are kissy cats!” This was an expression I’d never heard before. The boys explained that our new kittens were like their cats at home and that they enjoyed kissing people on the face and enjoyed being kissed on their heads. The boys were laying on the floor playing with the kittens and the kittens would run up to them rub noses and then proceed to lick their nose then bow their head as if to wait for the human to respond in kind. The boys would then kiss the kittens on the head, the kittens would purr and the game would begin again.

These girls are now 7 years old and are indeed kissy cats. Bokeh asks for kisses each time you encounter her. There’s a particular mew that is her request. And once you have kissed her on the forehead and allowed her to kiss you back by licking your nose sometimes aggressively, she starts to purr and then will roll over and show you her belly. We know that she has approved of a new person in our world when she gives or asks for kisses.

Buggy on the other hand is very shy with her kisses. She doesn’t like to be kissed on the forehead or have a human face near her at all when there are many people in a room. But each night at bedtime she herds me to bed, then takes up her position next to me on a pillow and will begin to lick my nose, mew in a particular way that sounds like a request for returning her affection. If I don’t kiss her on her forehead she will extend her paw toward my face to try and pull me closer.

We did not experience this with our first four cats, two smoke gray tabbies, one Tibetan mountain cat, and an American silky. They showed affection and many other ways but never with such directness as the kissy cats shown above. I do indeed believe that they understand that this means affection. We didn’t train them to do this they arrived this way.

(Edited for spelling)

It’s hard to say, I’ve noticed that cats couldn’t be generalised .

Cats tend to have different personalities, some enjoys human contact most of the time and never shy away from showing their love for you, some save their affection for special times and will surprise you with their occasional endearment.The ones who never enjoy cuddles and always act scared , they behave like that due to some trauma or feral instincts ,this hardly happens with pet cats as they are very loving creatures.

So coming on to kisses, this is Simba and he like kisses on his forehead ,he seems to interpret them as a form affection.

And these two , they don’t like it at all.They will hate you for it, for a very very very long time( in cat years).

It depends. Cats like to do things on their own terms. So, you see your cat sitting near you, he is giving the sign he’s not interested in cuddling or being picked up. You go and pick him up, he’ll most likely try to run away from you. In case you do happen to catch him and then kiss him, he’ll definitely NOT like it and would feel smothered. But, if the cat jumps on you and runs its head on you, then he’s showing affection and would feel loved if you gave him a quick peck or let him lick you. With that said, if you try and kiss hard and snuggle, he won’t like it.

One of my cats, Grisha, suffers from asthma and he snores at night. So, he sleeps in a large cage so that his stronger brothers don’t beat him up while I’m asleep. Every night, I lay a fresh diaper with some food in his cage, then I pick him up, hug him, kiss him and put him to bed.

A few nights ago, he was tired of running after a ball and obviously hungry, ready to go into his cage, eat his food and go to sleep. So, he went to the door of his cage, but instead of going inside, he lingered there a bit. Then he turned to me, rose on his hind legs and put his hands on my pants: although he was about to fall asleep, he wanted his bedtime hug and kiss first.

That’s how communicative and loving cats are.

Edit: Thank you for all the lovely comments! 💖

Grisha came to me with his brothers and sisters when they were only about two weeks old. Among the five, two were touch-and-go, and one of them was Grisha with his chest cavity malformation. He looked like a kiwi with a tail and could hardly breathe after each feeding. As he grew up, he developed a severe asthma. We’re both lucky that he made it and his illness is manageable.

And these are the cute little urchins who bully him:



Cats understand that kisses are a show of affection. Some cats don’t like them, but they still know what you’re doing. I had a cat that used to kiss me. If I put my face close to hers and made a kissy face, she’d bump her nose against it. She liked kisses, but she wanted it to be on her terms.

My cat loves to be kissed on top of the head. Here she is after leaping into my arms. I’m hugging her and she has put her head back for a kiss. She’s a very social cat and loves people. Her mom was a feral cat and she was born in a foster home. I got her when she was eight weeks old.

I don’t know how she interprets it but it’s an affectionate gesture to me. She gets impatient if I don’t kiss her right away so there must be some positive feeling on her part too.

All animals appreciate physical love. Don’t be shy.

I think the cat is aware that you are kissing him or her because you love him or her but it is not thrilled with a kiss. You have put your wet stink on an animal that values cleanliness above all else. Probably similar to being french-kissed on a first date by someone you’re not particularly attracted to.

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Meet my cat, Pufi, and my experience so far kissing her.

Like any other cat, she likes to be touched everywhere except for the common deadly spot, her tummy. This did not mean I could stop however. I tapped her on the tummy till I got some serious wounds.

Some days I got bitten so hard that I had to find an alternative, stopping giving her affection was simply impossible. One day she was sitting on my bed exactly like this, then a brilliant idea came to my mind, what if I approached her slowly and gently put my nose near hers? She responded really well then I used my lips to give her a really gentle kiss on the nose.

I started abusing this cute method too on her, but I think cats very smart. You see, when I was petting her on the belly, she used to scratch me to show me that was enough ( It seems I refuse to understand that to this day), but whenever I approached her nose with my lips she simply pulls away, not attacking me.

This made me think that she knows that attacking my face would be really painful for me, and so she does not want to produce any unneeded harm.

I pictured one of these moments, and it’s purely majestic.

I simply wanted a picture and this came off. To this day, I feel amazed about this image and how perfect our face expressions are. (her meme face made me burst in laughter)

I think it’s the perfect picture that describes our relationship, but hey, I’m always trying to improve!

Andrei Ţaga

Personally, mine hate it. However, I believe they see it as a fair trade off. They allow me to kiss them and, in return, I feed them whatever they demand at the moment. That’s usually a food that I didn’t buy. Because, cats being the way they are, will generally stop liking any food once you’ve bought it in large quantities thinking they love it. They seem to enjoy messing around with my head in various ways like that.

Hope you have a great day!

They in general prefer to cuddle a part of you that’s farther removed from your big scary mouth — nothing personal.

My cat knows it’s a sign of affection, sometimes if I stop kissing him he will bump his head on my mouth to keep kissing him.

if he’s bored or lonely he will even come upto me hug me and bump his head on my mouth. Sometimes he even bumps his mouth on my cheek.

He is a very affectionate cat he loves kisses, hugs, when you talk to him and pet him.

Here is a picture of him trying to tolerate the heat.

Also it depends on the cat, me and my cat we have a strong bond because I was there by his side when we first adopted him for half a year till he adjusted to our house. But if you’re not close with the cat I don’t think you can get away with kissing him.

That was the case for my first cat she didn’t trust any one except my sister. When ever I’d kiss her she’d give me an evil look like “you ass” but I’d still kiss her and she’d complain and sometimes even growl. But my sister got away with being able to kiss her, hug her pretty much she could do anything to her and the cat would let her.

I kiss my cats quite often. I always have. They figure out what I intend. I’m careful to smooch in places the cat prefers. My older cat lets me embrace her when she jumps in my lap, and I smooch on her side. My younger cat allows me to pick him up and cradle him like a baby and smooch the top of his head. Both places allow me to hear the purring that I cherish so much.

When I was a kid, my father would tell me “Don’t kiss the cat. You don’t know where he’s been.” I never listened to him on this one, but I remember with fondness and irony him saying that to me. He’s the one who would take a bath and let our cat walk around the rim of the tub. The whole neighborhood heard it when this cat lost her footing and fell in.

they doesnt understand the meaning of doing that. A kiss is how human show affection, but i kiss and hug my cats. a slow blink is how they show affection to each other ,they will understand better them a kiss. keep kissing the cat . not hug them, some cat interpret this as a predator swooping to attack them, remember they are predador and prey. i personally hug my cat cus that is how humans show affection to each other, but i knw that the cat doesnt like that and they usually show me that they hate that, if their paw and teeth. they love petting but they are cats, they do whatever they want on that time they want. My older ca( his name is benjamin) is like that , he is a sweet big boy( he is 5 kg or 11lbs ) and they like to be petted but only when he wants, if i try to pet him on a moment that he doesnt want he bite me, a weak bite, or a scratch or a strong bite when he is in bad mood. but i know that both of them love me. The first day at my house, he was timid and very scared ,but now e is becoming more sweet ( its becoming cus he changing a little every single day to trust in humans) but he still doesnt like strangers that much and he is very scared of big dogs, smaller dog them him he fight with them (specially mens,i think a men hurt him, a person, throw him to dogs to eat him but a good samaritan save him and treated him and rn he lives with me and my other cat( called miucha) , why a person do that to animals ?) OBS: i dont let the cat outside, they do whatever they want at my house only.

this is him on the day we adopt him, a very scared cat at the first time we saw him, after we seat and wait an hour he came to me and push it head on my hand.

i see this as he choose us, not i choose him.

and this photo is miucha on the first time i met her with only 3 months old

and here after 1 year living wih me benjamin with i think 3 to 5 years( we dont know how old is he, the vet thinks a few days after the adoption said btw 2 to 4 years) and miucha with 1 year old.

Well both of the my cats doesnt care about kisses, they doesnt understand kiss as affection.

I think that you need to see cats – and all animals, for that matter – as individuals with their own preferences; just like us humans.

Studies have shown that animals have their own personalities and their own likes and dislikes. It follows that every cat is a unique being who responds according to their own particular interests.

Within a species, such as cats, dogs or horses, there are many similarities. There are also breed-dependent differences; for example Siamese cats have a specific temperament; as do Bengals.

In my experience, some of my cats have enjoyed a kiss and others have not. I think that the key to getting along well with cats is to pay attention to each individual cat and determine their particular likes and dislikes, and then behave accordingly.

Everyday when I come home and through the day if still home I lift Gumball (yes like the cartoon because this was supposed to be my children’s kitten), hold him like a baby and hug and kiss him. I also speak to him like a person and he understands and can say “hello?” when he’s looking for you. He will even call for specific people when they’ve left the room. He loves bath time and will start to play in the bathtub when he’s ready to bathe again (about weekly). The husband and I both work in professional kitchens so his whole kitty life (about a year and half now) he’s only ever ate fresh fish or the better grain free kibble.

He doesn’t have much toys as he enjoys a ball of foil or paper to any of them as much as zooming around 24/7. He loves play time and even if I pick him up when he’d rather play, he STILL lets me hug and kiss his face all over like I’d do to my human children. I know because he resists to be put down to play until he realizes what’s happening and his body relaxes and he even sinks into the hugs, it’s very sweet and noticeable! All this to say he’s very loved and spoiled and also he’s my cat now haha, but he understands the love we give! He loves us all equally and goes from room to room at night watching and sleeping with all of us!

I kiss my cat on several places all the time, I boop her, I kiss her forehead, I kissed her on the eye stomachs (and I almost lost my eye).

Usually she knows this is how I show my affection to her every 1–2 hours (not when she’s asleep, thats a bad idea most times). She just hangs out there looking at me like ‘Do you really need to do this? Go find other ways to be love!’

Just absolutely love my cat.

This is Marmalade:

‘Get your abdominal foot out of my glamourous face. How outrageous!’

A few kisses to the forehead to a cat that you know and have a bond with will interpret the few smooches to be a grooming form of affection. Dont be surprised if they lick you back. I have a few kittens and I often give them a kiss on the forehead and a quick snuggle.

They are quite appreciative and pure as well as snuggle back and lick my hands or arm. They are cat that I know and am very close with personally. I would not try snuggling and forehead kisses with a cat you dont normally bond with.

Cats can be very touchy and without knowledge of their usual behavior dont be surprised if they claw you or bit you. Sometimes my kittens want to play even and if I’m not seeing their playful behavior they would rise up and bite my nose without a doubt.

After learning basic cat behavior from other cats I had, I thought it’d probably be wise to use it with the next cat I adopted. I named him Musa, the Arabic version of Moses (alayhi salaam), and yes, it is intentionally close to Muhammad’s (SAW) favorite cat’s name, Muizza.

When I first adopted Musa, he was a shy cat, but became confident quickly. Rather than the traditional petting, I would rub my head on him as cats do to each other as a sign of friendship/submission. I expressed myself to him through “cat language” and we understand each other better because of it.

Since I introduced myself basically as a big weird two legged cat to Musa, he treats me like I’m a cat and he’ll let me kiss his cheek, for example. The mutual trust is based on my mimicking cat behavior with him. I think he knows it’s affection, possibly like a faux grooming, since that’s the only peaceful reason as to why a cat will have its mouth on another cat.

Honestly I think it depends on the cat. I raised my baby from a kitten and kissed her pretty much everyday. That was 7 years ago. I still kiss her from time to time when I see her around the house except now all I have to do is put my face next to hers and she will be the one to lick my face with that sandpaper tounge of hers xD.

Do I think she loves me? Certainly. I’m the only one she allows to hug and smother her. If any of my other family members try they get bit or scratched.

So I’m certain my baby takes it as a sign of affection.

*edited because typos and wanted to add a bit more details.

I have studied cat behaviour carefully over many years, and I adopt cat body language to show them I love them.

That works really well, and both my current cats purr and clearly enjoy the gestures.

Basically, I either go “cheek to cheek”, or I put my forehead against the space in between their ears, or I put my nose against the backs of their ears. This, they like quite naturally, and I am convinced it’s the equivalent to a human kiss.

But actually receiving a normal, human kiss seems not to register with a cat. They most likely see it as a failed attempt at licking them, and shrug it off, so to speak.

These are Double-Six and Super-Seven, my frequent smooch-attack victims:

Cats are incredible at what they put up with and will generally allow or even enjoy/ask for things like kisses and cuddles if you teach them young.

This is Harley:

I took her in at 4 weeks old and from day one kissed her little face as she grew. Now she is 11 weeks old and she comes and kisses my lips and rubs her face on mine while I give her kisses. It is how I taught her to show affection very young and now she seems to love it and purrs big when she gets kisses

On the other hand, I have a 16 year old cat who hates being kissed. She doesn’t like my face in hers at all. Cats generally put up with a lot of odd behavior from their humans that they wouldn’t put up with from other felines. They love their humans and we love them and they learn to coexist with us very early in life as long as we teach them!

As others have said, every cat is different, but I know Cleo understands it as a sign of love.

Over time, she has adopted her own form, and she loves licking my nose and giving me hugs.

I’m a very lucky cat mamma <3

Cats bare their teeth on each other for many reasons; mothers use it to tell kittens to stop doing something, playmates use it, it’s odd. My kiddo has learned that it’s a sign of affection (kisses, which I compared to teeth-baring because it’s the closest comparison I have) and will (albeit rarely) bare her teeth on my forehead like I kiss her on the head. Her siblings, however, don’t care to be kissed very much. I guess it depends on the cat.

If you raise the cat from a kitten and get him/her used to it; they will readily accommodate our affections. All my cats being indoor cats love snuggling up kisses. Frankly I get head-bunts against my lips when I lean in to kiss my cats. They openly show that they love me asmuch as I love them.

To you who has the Bangel. Here is mine. I have never had an animal quite it’s equal when it comes to deserving my affection. He plays fetch, is extremely territorial with strangers in the home, and insists on being involved in every discussion under our roof. He has changed my life from a dog person to a cat person.

My mother has a cat that was found in a litter of feral kittens at barely more than a week old. Whilst being raised away from the feral life, in what is possibly the highest of ways for a cat to live (my mum believes that cats are gods in the way the ancient Egyptians did, and tends to treat the cats accordingly. Many people have commented that if there is such thing as reincarnation, they want to come back as one of Mum’s cats), Norman has retained many feral instincts, to the point that the local vet clinic have dubbed him “Norman Bates”, as his attitude (cattitude??) is legendary, and many of their staff bear scars from his checkups.

Whenever I visit Mum, it is tradition that I feed Norman, and I am one of the very few beings that he actually tolerates. He insists that as I am bending down to put the food into his bowl, he always extends his face up to mine for a kiss. It is both a greeting and a thanks for the food.

Cats know exactly what kisses are, in the same way their human servants do.

It depends on the personality of the cat.

I’ve been blessed to have kittys that adored both giving and receiving kisses as well as getting tummy rubs and kisses to floof.

My sweet Russian Blue actually reached up and kissed me the first day we met when he was a tiny kitten. He seems to understand the meaning of affection and still gives his Mom a kiss every night when he goes to bed. He will even stretch himself up on tippy toes to reach me in the kitchen and give me a sweet little kiss. It is his very own version of a cat hug. I have an eighteen-pound velvet land hippo that meows and grrrrs. =^><^=

He is four now and adores to be kissed and nose-booped and reciprocates in kind. I think he truly gets it.

I’ve found that in my personal experience, some cats will love kisses, others definitely won’t. My cat happens to love them. I don’t know if he knows exactly what kisses are, but he’s a clever boy and he’s worked out that they’re a sign of affection.

Every time he jumps up for a cuddle, he’ll put his face right up near my face and wait for kisses. When I give them to him, he rubs his face on mine and will often give me a big purr too.

Cats are wonderfully affectionate and intelligent creatures. He may not know exactly what a kiss is, but he knows that it means I love him.

I have a black cat and everytime I try to kiss him, he will be acting like this:

It depends on the cat, but my cats have all understood it is a sign of love. Since kittenhood, I pet, cuddle, sweet-talk, and kiss them, and they’ve all figured out this is my version of head-butting and licking them. Of course, I also do head rubs. I’ll rub my forehead on the spot between the cat’s ears, which is cat for “I like you.” This is often preceded or followed by a kiss to the same spot.

So most of my cats respond with a head-rub back, purrs, or the the slow blink.

Cats are smart.

Hell, I’ve even gotten several of them to come when called with reasonable frequency. When they’re little, when I pet them I make a sort of clicking sound. Later on, several of them have correctly learned that sound means pets, so if I make it, and they’re in the mood for pets, they’ll come right on over.

Original question-If you kiss a cat, how does it interpret it?

Cats have three levels of societal grace.

The blink, the headbutt and the backwards part on show to you.

After the second level has been reached any fur to skin is deemed to be ok.

Cats don’t mind a quick peck as long as you leave it until after they have given you a headbutt.

Most of the time, my babies seem to tolerate it as a necessary evil for living with me. They wait patiently until I’m done (might take a little while, especially the round tummy), but if they’ve had enough they walk away.

On occasion, they’ll seem to enjoy it (while pretending not to). Chili will look up and inspect the ceiling, giving me the perfect opportunity to kiss her chin ❤️

All in all, I think they know that kisses are signs of affection. Cats being cats, they just don’t always want the affection 😅

I head bump my cats before I kiss them. Head bumping is a natural cat activity so they understand that. I sometimes take an ear in my lips and pull on it – similar to a mother cat bathing their ears. May be my imagination but I think they like and understand it. They certainly head bump me back.

When my cat King Tut is crossed with me he would push my face away with his paw, but when he wants to be cuddled, he would keep giving me his cheek and neck and wouldn’t get enough kissing for at least five minutes.

I love hugging and kissing him and on a normal day he would take the kisses casually as “I know I know I’m adorable” attitude. He owns me.

I do “kiss attacks” on my cat, Gizmo. He will come up to me purring and I know he is ready for a kiss attack.

I pick him up and kiss him on the side of his face and the top arm. 10–20 kisses at a time and multiple times. I tell him how cute and handsome he is too. He knows I am loving on him and he talks and purrs more. Makes him very happy, almost cat-atonic, yep, it was intentional.

It is not a daily ritual and we do this ritual 2–3 times a week.

Best of luck.

In this time of social distancing he is sleeping and self filtering his air.

Adding onto things I saw others say about cat behaviors that are similar, I wanna add in the scent-marking face-rubs.

A cat going into you face-first with their mouth/snoot is scent marking you as they press and smudge across.

I’d not be surprised if many don’t see us coming in mouth/snoot first for much the same gesture/meaning.

Cats use body rubs and face rubs to bond with other cats and express affection. They also groom each other, and greet by sniffing noses. So unless you approach a cat in a way that makes them nervous—for example, gripping their head in your hands, or having your giant head suddenly descend over them—kissing a cat is speaking their language, and they totally understand what it means.

The same is not true of hugging, because that pins a cat in place and restricts its movement. For some, that’s a giant body-rub, and they love it, but for others, it makes them feel out of control and vulnerable.

The generic response from a cat is slight confusion as there is no equivalent in cat behaviour, so it is taken in context to the general attitude of a person towards a cat where it is read within the framework of a humans attitude, so stroking which is universally appreciated is accompanied by a kiss, it is read as a friendly gesture.

Over time, a kiss becomes associated with a loving approach and so becomes associated with extra-good intentions and it usually returned by an attempt to rub cheeks with the person who kissed them. Another quirk which seems pretty universal, is an attempt to gently bite your nose, maybe that really is the ‘cat kiss’ in action, to those unaccustomed to that act, it is normally accompanied by intense purring.

It is interesting to note that when you do something of a kindly nature to a cat when she is unable to respond with the standard convention, they will start rubbing their cheeks along almost anything close to hand which many people find comical, they knock things over, and wander aimlessly around looking for something substantial.

What has happened, is they have received a gesture they perceive as loving and are unable to return it, but the instinct kicks in to do it anyway with anything to hand.

This behaviour indicates that your cat is a sentient being in her own right who is able to experience the full range of emotions that we do, it’s just that we are unable to translate affectionate behaviour (which is normal to them) to what is obvious to us.

Good cat ‘owners’ are receptive to these acts and maybe on an instinctive level, come to recognise those acts of affection from their cats when they see them. Your love for a cat is seldom unrequited.

I licked my cat’s face once. She hated me for a few days and kept away from me. I had to gargle for a few hours to get all the hair out.

Not a nice experience.

But a quick kiss on the nose was always appreciated.

I’m sure animal experts have a different perspective than I do. I’ve owned several cats, with different personalities from neurotic to psychotic.

Some cats love being kissed, held, nuzzled, head bumping, etc. Some cats hate it and will leave you with no less than two red lines someplace on your person. Ive been attacked by cats that were genuinely being aggressive. It hurts. I have scars. Lol.

It all depends on the cat. I had a cat that loved any type of attention so much that he would purr if you looked at him. Another thing to remember about cats is they often pick a person to be their human. The cat owns their human. That human is there to serve that cat, and other humans are just objects that interfere. So, one person can nuzzle, cuddle, kiss and play with a cat but the fires of hell can burn every other human and the cat won’t care, not one bit.

Dogs are generally more friendly. Dogs prefer to pick a pack, which is why families usually have better experiences with dogs. This is not always true, however.

Pets are very much like people. We all have unique traits. Some of us are more solitary, and others thrive on socializing as much as possible.

If course cats give kisses, but at first are puzzled by that noise coming out if your mouth when you try to kiss them. They soon realize what it is. I had an older boy who liked to lay on top of me in bed sometimes. At some point he decided he needed to reciprocate the human kiss but of course couldn’t pucker, so he would lick his lips a tiny bit and move his mouth around. Pets seem to always want to meet you on your level, and are a great lesson on empathy.

In general, if you kiss a cat on the forehead, the cat will interpret it as a mutual grooming gesture. Cats mutually groom their cat friends by licking each others’ foreheads, chins, ears and cheeks. These areas are difficult for a cat to groom on its own. A cat will solicit forehead grooming by approaching another cat and dipping its head.

My cats interpret it as love I beleive because after I give them a kiss they will lick me in return all of my animals are very lovey and snuggly and I give them their space and freedom but at night you will find me cuddled with 4 cats and a chihuahua terrier mix all in the same exact spots every night they are the ones that come to snuggle! I believe that if you shoe an animal enough love they eventually understand it and return it!. 🙂 I even tell them.i love them andno I dont think they will say it back lol here’s a picture of 2 of them pepper 11yrs and Oliver 3yrs (striped one)

As others have pointed out, it just depends on the cat. I have two rescues who were dumped in my area and ended up at my door. The first cat the showed up loves it when i give him hugs and a kiss on the head. He purrs ever so softly and will sometimes kiss me back lol. Now I am the only person he does this with and he will fight with the vet unless he is heavily sedated . The other cat a FIV+ Tabby is just the opposite. He doesn’t like hugs or kisses or really having anyone’s face close to him. I have worked with him to allow me to give him hugs by touching my face to his side with my face pointed away from his. He tolerates it much better as he doesn’t see it as a threat. We think he was on the streets longer than the black cat. Likewise, he will squirm a bit at the vets but his demeanor is much more relaxed, no growling or hissing.

Do you know what the most beautiful things about animals is? That they put up with all our weird and for them inappropiate behaviour. When we cuddle a animal and fuss with them or when a little girl takes her cat to a tea party while she puts it a dress on and the cat just sits there purring and sqeeuzing his eyes relaxed and looking full of love at his mini human. Were it another cat he would say “oi bugger off hiss, slap, you went to far buddy!” But not now because she loves him. She loves her cat so much that he will put up with everything as as long he doesnt hurt.

You can find and read everything about animmal behaviour and how they mean things and treat eachother and what the rules are. But even then they put up with weird unusual things from eachother that is not in their language because of love. You see it in a herd, group, pack etc of wild horses, wolves, gorillas lions etc etc people that study animals and their behaviour come accross this unuasual behaviour from them and they cant figure it out ever. Why does one accept that from the other? Its inappropiate not according to the rules! Woaah the rules are broken! ;—)

When you as a human being kiss your precious cat on his little head, (s)he closses his/her eyes and purrs and push there head back against you. And maybe starts rubbing his/her cheeck agsinst you. At that moment the rubbing is not about spreading scent but about showing you affection.

We humans suck at animal language and its a miracle that animals take time for us. But they do because of love. You are youre cats world the most important organism in his world because of your loving band. He forgives you that you dont obey cats rules because learned a whole new language. Your own personal language that you build together where you understand eachother.

When you kiss your own cat on its head it interpret it as just that. A kiss on his little head. He knows he is loved.

Recently I stayed in a friend’s basement and as I woke up I saw their cat approaching my face at which time it bit my beard then stuck it’s tongue in my slightly open mouth running it along my tongue. Was that a kiss? What the hell was it if not? I was a little surprised especially as it kept trying to repeat the gesture and it was not easy gently discouraging it, even with lips pressed tight..

It’s been my experience that cats like to do the kissing rather than be kissed.

Cats’ mouths are not shaped for kissing as we know it, and when they do attempt to kiss us, it’s probably an example of learning by observation. They see humans doing what appears to be an expression of affection, so they try to reciprocate it, though the best they can manage is a gentle bump with their closed mouths.

Good, mine purrs and blinks…but he understands it as a “lovebite” good cat manners require him to return the favour, kinda hurts a bit. But if he tolerates my natural behaviour I should tollerate his.

I believe they understand the basic idea. Cats do something similar to each other, in two ways:

  1. When cats meet, they’ll often sniff or touch noses with each other. This is cat for “hello, you are mildly interesting and I wish us to be peaceful acquaintances (as evidenced by the fact that I am presenting you my vulnerable face).”
  2. When one cat sits or lies down in another cat’s personal space, the pair will often exchange a lick or two. This is cat for “it’s cool for you to be in my personal space.”

Depending on how one kisses a cat, I suspect they interpret the gesture similarly to one of the two above.

Some cats even seem to return the gesture. I once had a cat who would “kiss” back by vigorously headbutting me in the face if I got within smooching range. Our Siamese “kisses” back by trying to stick her nose up yours if you go in for a nose sniff.

On the other hand, our old lady Angora accepts kisses only if proper etiquette is observed: Nose sniff first, then kiss. If the kiss is first, she gets very offended. (On the other hand, if you nose sniff her when she’s in the right mood, she’ll kiss you by licking the end of your nose.)

And my parents’ cat HAAATES being kissed – at least, he howls like being kissed on top of the head is a mortal affront to his pride.

As others have said, it depends on the cat. But it also depends on their mood. Sometimes they stretch and purr in response, sometimes they squirm and put on a weary “gerroff me, you’re embarrassing us both” expression.

Pekoe closing the gap between us for a kiss on the nose.

I’m pretty sure he knows it’s a sign of affection.