If dogs are naturally alergic to chocolate what are humans naturally allergic to

Dogs aren’t “allergic” to chocolate—it’s POISONOUS to them and can KILL them.

Other toxic (poisonous) foods for dogs include: all types of chocolate (dark, milk, white, baker’s, etc.), macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, onions (including leeks, chives, etc.), garlic, alcohol, caffeine, xylitol.

Dogs are not “allergic” to chocolate. Some of the chemicals in chocolate are TOXIC to dogs.

Everything that is poisonous to you is TOXIC to you. You are not allergic to it. Being poisoned is not an allergic response.

Therefore, for example, pokeweed berries, which birds love, are toxic for you. There are thousands of other examples of plants and mushrooms and so on that are toxic to you. Toxicity is nothing special.

Neither dogs nor cats are “allergic” to chocolate. It is poison for them. It might not kill them immediately but it will, if they persist in eating it or being fed it by unthinking people, eventually kill them slowly but painfully.

Dogs aren’t allergic to chocolate.

Dogs, however, are killed by high enough doses of theobromine (which is found in chocolate), because theobromine is poisonous for dogs.

It’s not an allergic reaction at all.

Dogs are not allergic to chocolate. Chocolate is toxic to them. Theobromine in chocolate is toxic to dogs. Humans have a long list of products that are toxic to humans. Many types of mushrooms, elderberries, raw rhubarb, greens from potatoes, etc.

Not allergy, chocolate is toxic in high enough quantities even to humans , you though do not have a stomach big enough to consume enough to kill you

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