How much do Zoobles cost?

What do you do with Zoobles?

When did Zoobles toys come out?

Zoobles! is a popular miniature figure toyline first released in 2010. Created by Spin Master, Zoobles!

Who invented Zoobles?

Developed by
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Are Zoobles collectible?

A collectible toy that sparks a craze is the toy industry’s Holy Grail. In a twist on the razor-and-blades business model, the relatively inexpensive Zoobles and Squinkies come with expensive accessories: A Zoobles treehouse is $39.99 at Toys “R” Us; a cupcake-shaped Squinkies dispenser is $19.99.

How do Zoobles open?

Each Zoobles Animal starts out as a colorful ball and opens up into a super cute animal when you roll it onto its Happitat!

What are Zoobles toys?

Zoobles! is a miniature figure toyline created by Spin Master. The toyline is a spin-off of the Bakugan toyline, meant to appeal to the female demographic.

What age is Zoobles?

Parents need to know that the Zoobles site, targeted at girls ages 4 to 9, is a promotional site for “Zoobles,” real-life magnetic toys similar to the more boy-centric Bakugan toys.Aug 3, 2011

How many Zoobles are there?

That would explain why there are 180 different Zoobles, tiny plastic big-eyed animals that hail from the land of “Petagonia.” Costing about $6, each Zooble rolls up into a ball that will pop open to form the tiny creature.

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