How much a German Shepherd puppy barks and also when it further ages I am planning to buy a GDS puppy but I am concerned about my neighbors getting disturbed So can I train it not to bark or stop barking when a

Hello, I am sorry to say this, however, I am concerned about your lack of knowledge of dogs.German Sheperds are brilliant and they deserve a big yard, lots of exercise and good training.

Dogs bark, that’s what they do. As far as buying a dog! Have you considered going to a Rescue Centre or a Shelter? There are thousands of dogs out there that need a great loving ,stable home. Many of them are already trained.

Dogs are very much like children, they love their humans and they are sociable. How about going to volunteer at a Shelter for awhile to see what kind of dogs there are many are more quiet than others.

You just might meet the Dog of your dreams. When you see each other, you will know. You will feel the connection. 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️

Thank You for being a responsible Pet Owner and Good Luck with your pet, whatever you choose. 🐾❤️

If you’re worried about the noise of a puppy barking, buy a cat. Every puppy barks sometimes. Even reputedly quiet breeds bark sometimes. German Shepherds have deep loud voices. So do most large dogs. You can train most dogs to stop barking on command when you are present. But you can’t stop them from barking when you aren’t there. So either get a small dog whose voice doesn’t sound so threatening, or buy a cat.

I have owned both GSDs that didn’t bark at people & ones that did bark . My current female 84 lbs GSD did not bark till she was almost 2 years old, and it concerned me. However, she Finally found her voice and has accepted the job of barking at everyone that enters hey territory and does a great job of that ! We have a clear vinyl dog door for in our front door and as soon as we let her out she charges the front gate and barks 3–4 times announcing she is there and on guard duty . She only barks when she sees someone or something on “her Property!” And if I open the door & call her in she stops barking and comes in unless the person is approaching the gate.

My neighbors on both sides love her an say they feel safer knowing she is on duty !

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Part of the genetic makeup of German shepherds (herding and protecting) leads most into some degree of nuisance barking in the city. I have two GSDs and periodically they act as if Attila and the rest of the Huns are on the way and must be discouraged by loud aggressive barking. Occasionally, you come across a shepherd that isn’t a major barker. My son’s shepherd doesn’t bark excessively. But if you have to leave your shepherd alone for hours every day, you probably don’t want to risk it in an apartment, not unless you rescue an adult with a track record of not barking much. Contact a German shepherd rescue group, if you want to pursue this. A puppy would, if you’ll excuse the expression, be a pig in a poke.

Bring your dog in at night. It will settle down and sleep. You will still have a good guard dog if someone tried to break in. Usually, dogs learn they don’t want to bark at everything. Do not yell at your dog for barking. You can call it and if it comes and stops reward it with a treat or lots of pets, and praise.

Dogs bark for a reason. If your dog doesn’t have a reason to bark, it won’t.

Remove reasons like boredom, stress, a need to alert you to things, or a need to tell threats to “back off” and your dog won’t be overly a barker.