How do you train a Labradoodle to hunt

You can train them like you would any regular reciever. They are intelligent and highly trainable dogs.

They usually have the same agility and retrieving skills as a “regular” retriever.

People likes to s**t on labradoodles, just because they are not considered “pure-bred”.

Make sure you get down the basic skills like sit, stay, etc.

Using a labradoodle for hunting – Labradoodle Home

So if you already have a labradoodle and want to go hunting with it, go ahead and prove the haters wrong.

I wouldn’t bother. The ones I have met were all built like train wrecks in conformation and had weird-at-best coats. I would not ask any poorly built puppy with a questionable coat to do something like waterfowl retrieving.

Yes, both parent breeds are retrievers in the same way that both the Jeep Wrangler and the Subaru Forester are all-terrain vehicles. But I wouldn’t build an all-terrain vehicle by welding parts from both together.

The Labrador’s coat works by being hard and straight with a dense undercoat to keep the puppy warm and watertight. The Poodle’s coat works by being soft and curly with no undercoat to keep the dog warm and watertight. A mongrel of the two might end up with no undercoat and a short, soft coat. Or it might end up with a long curly coat and a lot of undercoat that waterlogs without the proper topcoat to protect it.

If you need a hunting dog, then get a purebred from hunting lines of either breed.

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