How do you protect your puppy from off leash dogs while walking

That’s a tough one – especially as owners of off-the-leash dogs don’t seem to realise that their dogs (even friendly ones) can be scary to on-the-leash dogs.

After my puppy was attacked (and I mean attacked so that she was on the floor and screaming) twice in one week in two different locations by 3 different dogs, I have taken to carrying a staff. It’s a nuisance (especially as I only have two hands) but my puppy has not been attacked since. I’ve never had to hit another dog with it but I would (softly at first because I actually am a lover of all dogs) but I’ve certainly had to brandish it a few times. That works. Funnily enough, I think some owners see the staff as a way for me to control my own dog (who, though 10+ times bigger than a chihuahua, is scared to death of them) and either avoid me, call their dog to heel or put their dog on the lead. Works for me either way.

I try to avoid places where off-leash dogs are known/likely to be a problem.

Then I keep aware of my surroundings, and use my dog’s training.

Best case: I ask him to heel and look at me, and then move calmly but quickly past the area with the off-leash dogs. The lack of a reaction from me or my dog often defuses things and the dog leaves us alone.

If the dog starts to approach, I put my dog into a sit-stay or down-stay, preferably facing away from the approaching dog. I then put myself between them and tell off the other dog (NO! Leave it! Go HOME!) with clearly don’t-mess-with-me body language.

I’ve never had to, but if I felt that I or my dog was in danger, I would kick the snot out of the dog until it retreated. Never had to do that, yet.

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If you have time and enough distance, simply walk a different way with your dog. Use a treat to distract your dog and keep their focus on you as you walk away. Stay aware of where the loose dog is as you make your way out of the area. Avoiding contact with the off leash dog is the best option! Clearly, dogs don’t “need” to run free to survive. The inability to run free hasn’t caused the death of any dog that we know about. Dogs certainly need some exercise to stay fit and healthy. … Letting dogs run off-leash in open areas isn’t the only way to give them exercise. Go to my Profile and you can find all dog material there…

I carry a can of Mace with me! My Shih-Tzu is small enough so that I can pick her up if I should see one running loose and I will to protect her, I will take the bites from the dog first while I spray the mace all over it! If I had a bigger dog, I would carry a stick and the mace. I do not like the leashes that are loose and allow your dog to go away from you and you control the length, if a dog was coming to attack, you would be to busy trying to roll your dog back to you.

Well that can be a problem. At my old house I had no fenced yard and had to walk my dog 3 times a day. I only had one dog then. Nova is a shitzu poodle mix and not very big. Before his 1st birthday we were attached 3 times by loose dogs. After the first time, I started carrying a walking stick. After the second time I got a can of mace which was easier to carry. The third time I got the dog in the face with the mace and no problems. These were the same two dogs that always ran loose. The owner actually had the nerve to say he was going to sue me for abusing his dog! I said fine, then I will counter sue for vet Bill’s, the cost of the mace and mental anquish. He backed off. I did make police reports on all the attacks accompanied by pictures and bills since I knew who the owner was. The county did finally step in and take his dogs for neglect and fine him.

The just of the story is this. Get a can of pepper spray on a wrist strap and always carry it with you. It really works better than mace and doesnt leave PERMANENT injury. Spray the dog in the head area and he will take off.

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I walk my dog off the lead and the areas I walk him also have unleashed dogs but I am always alert for certain breeds

I think the best thing to do is be very alert and if the dogs are Alsatians or mastiff or pit bull types I would avoid walking in that area and try to find a quieter area to walk

Write to your local officials. Dogs are required to be on leash. Walk in the opposite direction. Report the dog to ASPCA. They will pick up the dog.

I carry a baton, ASP. That way I can protect both of us.