How do I stop my puppy from eating horse manure

Remove their access.

Dogs eat poop because they do actually get nutrition from it and, to a dog, it tastes great.

If the horses are healthy, this should pose no health risk to your dog. It’s just icky to humans.

Most dogs can be taught a reliable “leave it” command, but that will only work when you are present and paying attention to the dog. If they get to roam a horse pasture… well, just be glad they aren’t rolling it.

Have him on leash with a choker and give him a sharp No at the same time give the leash a Jerk not tug when he gets close to what ever it is he is eating. Then turn away and put him in sit while you harshly say No. Not yelling but in a harsh tone with eye contact.

Dogs are partially omnivores. That’s why they eat the grass which to them is a tossed salad. Horse manure is high in grasses and the puppy is equally attracted to it. The answer is to keep the puppy away from the horse.

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