How do I potty train 9 puppies at the same time The traditional way of a strict schedule consistency etc does not work with 9 of them

I’ve never done this so I’m brainstorming here.

Very, very best would be if the pups could be housed outdoors during the day. All you really need is a lot of fence panels and a spot with some shade throughout the day. Bring them in overnight and provide newspaper or pee pads. They’ll quickly learn it’s more pleasant to potty outdoors and start going all night.

Otherwise, I would pen the puppies as near to the outside door as possible. At specific intervals (following nap times and meal times), open the pen and make a big fuss outside so they race out to see what you’re doing and don’t stop to eliminate indoors. Obviously this would require a yard with puppy-proof fencing since you can’t keep track of 9 pups at once. It would help if you had another person there to spot who has done their business and who hasn’t so you can reward appropriately and know when it’s safe to take them back inside.

Good luck! I’d love to hang out with 9 puppies but I wouldn’t want to house train them!

Usually their mum helps to teach them. In the beginning she cleans their bums, and then they have to learn to go on paper. Food near the bed, but poop far away. Make the sleeping area a bit smaller, so there’s space to stretch out but not much more than that. Put up a partition, and leave an entrance/exit gap about 40cm wide. On the other side, have the newspaper. Don’t feed them in that area, they’ll want to keep it clean! 😀 Feed them away from the poop area.

11 Steps (with Pictures)How to Potty Train a Litter of Puppies

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If the pups are old enough to house train than it is time that 7–8 of them went to their new homes.

Puppies must spend a good part of their crucial socialization period learning how to bond with humans and function apart from their litter mates.

If you are going to keep them all then you are going to end up with untrained monsters that can’t function apart from each other. The house training isn’t going to look like as much of an issue when the neurotic behaviors and aggression and pathological fearfulness start.

I suppose it depends on how many puppy walkers you have, and on whether or not you have a yard. Walk training is preferable to yard training, if you can do it. It’s exactly the same as for one puppy. Take out for a walk or evict to the yard after every meal for at least half an hour, walk or yard them just before bedtime, and upon awakening. Whether permitting, have them sleep in the yard. When one messes in the house, stick all their noses in it and put them outside before cleaning it up.

the traditional way does work — the problem is if you have 1 puppy it isn’t always going to go when you want it to — it will have accidents — with 9 you are assured that at least a couple of them will not go when you want them too —- but keep them on a schedule and just as if you were training 1 they will eventually learn

Hire a professional puppy trainer that uses only positive reinforcement strayegies. It is worth every penny