How can you get a puppy to go from walking to something to retrieve and back to running to it and back

Build drive. That thing you want them to fetch? Yeah, it’s the coolest thing ever. Tease them with it. Increase the value of your rewards (treats), for a bit stop making them wait while you throw it, play keep-away or monkey in the middle with it, etc.

A properly trained retriever really, really wants to go get the thing very, very much. You can get there by force-fetching, but shaping has always worked better for me – that dumbbell is a cookie dispenser in disguise. The moment you bring it back to me hotdogs fall from the sky (or whatever).

You need to go to a real puppy obedience puppy training class which covers the dog coming back to you when you call.

So, if your dog wants to walk to get it, who cares. As long as he brings it back. But if you are having trouble getting him to give it to you when he retrieved it, this might help.

Hold on the you in his mouth but do not shake it. A dogs natural response is to tug back andnot release it. Once he releases his bite say fetch, name the object and when he comes back with this sat drop it. Repition works in all forms of dog training.

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