How can puppy owners make sure their puppy does not pee on neighbors lawns when walking in a suburban neighborhood

Short of doing something that would traumatize the dog, I don’t believe that there’s anything that can be done.

And that’s as it should be! There’s nothing wrong with a puppy peeing on neighbor’s lawns! Most municipalities have laws that require an owner to remove feces when a puppy poops on a neighbor’s lawn, but the pooping itself is still allowed, as long as the mandate to remove it is followed.

Peeing has been allowed in every locality I’ve lived in.

Keep your dog under control and not on their lawns.

There, I solved the problem!

If your dog is so out of control that you can’t keep it from going to yards, then fix the training before you take it out in public again.

If the road/sidewalk is too narrow to allow your dog to walk next to you safely and out of traffic, then you need to find another place to walk.

If the dog is not on the lawn (which is legally considered trespassing even if not always enforced by owners or police) then it can’t pee on the lawn.

Keep a shorter leash, get a better “heel” command, or work on boundary training until the dog understands that they aren’t allowed to leave the sidewalk.

You have your dog on a leash when it is out on a walk and you never allow it to run free, that’s how. Without a leash, which is illegal in a lot of places anyway, you have no control of the dog and not having control of your dog is illegal almost everywhere no matter what situation may come up.

If the dog runs at large, you have no control and likely risk a fine from animal control if it gets picked up.

With a leash on your dog you have control of where he pees and whether or not he gets too close to another person or dog, always.

It’s really foolish to walk dogs without a leash and by leash, I do not mean fifteen feet of Flexi leash with the dog way in front of you. I mean a six foot leash and the dog is right next to or behind you.

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Dog owners should always keep their dogs on a leash when walking them and not allow them to go into areas they shouldn’t. Or, have a fenced in area where the dog can go that doesn’t infringe on other people’s property. And remember to always pick up after your dog.

There is no way to prevent that, the dog is not just urinating but in many cases is marking its territory or covering up another dogs marking.