Do cats talk to other cats with body movements

Yes, definitely. I refer you to the May and June issues of Catster magazine for more concrete evidence of body language in kitten. Cat’s body language is complex and fluid, including things like tail position, ear levels, changes in the iris of the eyes, fluffing of tails and arching backs. I would venture to guess that kitten’ body language is just as complex as their spoken language, and sometimes just as hard to figure out!

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Cats most certainly communicate with other cats through their body language – positions of ears, backs, tails, and eyes. All cats know what a stare means … or an upright tail compared to one swishing back and forth violently with ears flattened. Cats also use their voices when communicating with each other, and I don’t mean those soft purrs or sweet meows. Hissing and growling carry significant meaning when they are used, and yowling, well, that has to do with sex. A low crawl towards something differs considerably from calmly walking over to another cat to sniff its butt.

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Once you understand these physical signs and movements you’ll know what your cat is trying to tell you and tell other cats. Good luck!

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