Can I give calcium multivitamins and skin coat tablets to a 1 year old GSD in a day

Why would you? Did a vet recommend all these supplements?

Generally, you should be feeding a high quality food. In the proper amounts for your dog’s age and activity level. Not supplements to make up deficits in the food.

Forget about all the supplements and concentrate on feeding your puppy quality food. It would be good to have a chat with the vet about this. (As a hint, you won’t find great food in the pet aisle of a supermarket.)

And don’t feed your puppy supplements that a vet doesn’t recommend. And be sure you know why they’re recommended.

Just feed your dog its natural diet- fresh cooked meat, including organ meat (no salt and spices), along with lots of meat broth, and cooked eggs. None of these supplements will be required.

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