Can a Labrador be home alone for regularly 6 hours 5 days a week I heard some people leave there lab for 8 9 hours so will 6 be alright

As long as you build up the time that the puppy is left every day then it’s fine to leave ANY puppy all day, as long as: –

  1. The dog has access to shade,
  2. a bed,
  3. is in an area that is big enough for them to move about freely,
  4. has water
  5. has something to occupy them for the time you will be gone, e.g. Toys, interactive brain games, food dispensing toys, or a kong filled with treats or peanut butter or yoghurt or canned meat & then frozen (giving it to the dog frozen in hot weather will help to cool the dog plus it makes the dog work hard for the food therefore mentally tiring the dog & it lasts a lot longer than if it wasn’t frozen),
  6. the dog is not going to be shut in an unventilated room/kennel.
  7. you are going to exercise the dog before you go to work & after you get home.

You could keep the dog in an outside kennel (Definitely NOT on a chain!!), BUT it must have a good sized run attached to it & have a VERY good lock on it so no one steals your dog, but I personally prefer to keep my dogs inside, so they are cool in summer & warm in winter, they are in familiar surroundings & they are a good deterrent to burglars, my dogs have the run of the downstairs & the upstairs hallway (stays nice & cool up there), so they can react to people coming to both the front & the back doors.

You can get cameras etc that lets you interact with your dog while you are out & give it a treat via an app on your phone too.

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An adult Labrador that is getting sufficient mental, physical, and social stuff to meet their needs will be fine for six hours on weekdays.

A puppy will not be OK.

Even with an adult, you will need to work up to them staying alone that long, a consistent schedule will help, and you need to make sure that they are getting enough people time, thinking time, and exercise time every single day outside of the six hours where you are gone.

Most should be okay for that long. My golden retriever does fine for that amount of time. But we slowly built up the time that he was home alone. I was lucky during his puppy phase to have a couple great neighbors who would come let him out when I was out for extended periods. Labs are high energy dogs and can become destructive when bored. It always helps if you can let them burn off energy before you leave them alone.

I agree with the answers below, just one more though – there are dogs better suited to that than labradors.

Labradors aren’t the worst case, but if you haven’t got the dog yet, you may perhaps think of different breeds more suited to that.