Being a puppy owner what is the best thing that you have felt experienced so far

There’s loads of them, ha ha

But one best thing, Dogs understanding the emotions of its owner. Few years ago I was very much depressed and had no one to share it with, that’s when I sat alone, depressed, my Ramu (dog) who was my best friend, he just walked right towards me, sniffed few times, he slept right next to me with a soft and short howl. That moment was the best, the puppy who always starts licking me the every chance he gets, but that particular day, I knew that he understood my state of being, my emotions.

My love Harry is 7 years old and the best thing which I have felt is he makes me understand that one should not look up for same thing from everyone. Every person around you has something special to offer.

Lets start with an example.

Harry knows everyone in my family by behavior.

I am his favorite and he trusts me on getting his things done. He knows I will get up in mid night for him and so he comes directly to me in case of emergency.

My father feeds him biscuits. Every evening Harry waits for my father to come back home and give him biscuits. That’s my father’s job!!

Harry knows my mother makes good food. When I am not available, he directly goes to her and not to my father.

In return he loves unconditionally. He doesn’t allow anyone to enter in my room at night, not even my parents. He is available for me 24*7 .

I think this is the best thing a puppy does.:)

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Nothing is better than connecting with your pet. I loved Sophie because she seemed to not demand anything. Of course she liked treats, car rides and walks in the woods but she would have followed me through the gates of Hell. Sometimes she would just sit in her spot, the passenger seat of the car, and look up at me intently. I would say “I love you” and she softened her look, ears back and wagged her tail. She was just waiting to hear it. It got to be a routine thing. She knew what it meant and she loved me back.

I don’t consider myself to be someone who needs his ego stroked, but for me, the best thing I feel about owning a dog is the adoration you get from them. The three dogs I’ve had all seem to look to me as leader of the pack. That doesn’t mean that they always listen to me but they do look to me lovingly and for protection. Being a member of a pack invariably means there will be some disagreements but they settle quick and nobody holds a grudge.

This doesn’t just apply to dogs. I’ve also had two cats, and while they definitely go their own way, they also are pack members. When I go on a trip, the cats clearly expect to come along along in the rv. Sure, while at home Kitty does her own thing most of the time but she expects to travel with Elle (my dog) and me and has kicked Elle out of my bed at night to be with me.

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“Being a dog owner, what is the best thing that you have felt/experienced so far?”

I am a dog owner although I don’t own a dog right now. The only thing that my “best experience so far” has to do with dogs, happened in a little town in Victoria, Oz. A pack of dogs were contending for a bitch on heat. The contest got down to two scruffy old dogs. One dog finally cracked it and got aggressive thereby losing the approval of the bitch. The other dog kept his cool and not only scored the bitch on heat, but another as well.

I was that other dog.

Hii the best thing with my baby is when I’m alone at home and sitting quietly he will always come and sit with me and try to climb on me so I will carry him in my arms….. and his innocent face makes me smile and cry…. The way he look at me with watery eyes when he’s not feeling well and come sit on my lap quietly…

I am a parent of a very cute little puppy. He always understands my emotions and makes me feel like I am the most special person for him. I love to cuddle him and this is the world’s best feeling.

The best thing I have experienced so far is the way he greets me when I come home or just snuggles up to me when I’m relaxing.

The bond you will have with your dog is like no other. You will never find a more loyal friend than your dog. Always excited to see you and loyal until the end.