Are livestock guardian puppies good catch puppies for more dangerous game such as hogs I currently have a kangal mix

Livestock guardian dogs are not ideal for larger more aggressive game like feral hogs. For things like feral hogs or mountain lions (depending on the jurisdiction you live in as mountain lions are federally protected in the U.S.) the dogo argentino is by and large the best when it comes to hunting hogs. Dogos are bred and raised in villages in Argentina where they hunt in groups. As a sturdy, powerful molossus type, the dogo a fearless when it comes to hunting dangerous game. Whether hunting smaller hogs with a single puppy or hunting large boars and felids in a pack, the dogo is an effective hunter capable of dispatching prey with ease.

A second good choice for game hunting is the game bred pit bulls. These are different than your run of the mill pits you find in shelters. Game bred pits are bred for game hunting and their drive to want to hunt and capture game animals is often evident from their early puppy phase.

Lastly, a hybrid known as a Donovan Pinscher are also good dual purpose game and personal protection dogs. They possess the right mix of genetics that enable them to excel in game hunting as well as personal protection man work.

When you’re looking for a game hunting dog, keep in mind you want a puppy that has significant strength, drive and above all stamina. Significant stamina is mandatory when you’re hunting fast agile game animals.

Not in general, no.

Catch dogs don’t need to be huge, but nimble.

Livestock guardian dogs are not bred to be nimble or fast, and they are bred to have very low prey drive so they are unlikely to naturally grab or chase the game you are hunting.

There are many breeds and landraces of dogs that are suitable for catch dogs including the Rhodesian Ridgeback (some may be more useful as baying dogs), Catahoula Leopard Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier, and various curs.

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