Are cats like kids in that the box is better than the toy

Cats aren’t really like kids in any way..I mean, we love them like they are our little babies, but can’t really compare them to children. I had a friend that said to me “Had I known what good kids cats make, I would never have had children”. (haha) But to your question, is the box better than the toy? Sometimes absolutely! Sometimes they will bring a toy into the empty box with them too. It seems to depend largely on their mood. And some cats adore boxes, while others seem to be able to take or leave them. “Certainty” is difficult to come by when you’re talking about cats. This is likely part of the reason they are considered mysterious.

And it’s true that when they’re in the mood to play, a cat will play with nearly anything. I’ve seen feral cats leap on pretend mice and have observed my own cats chasing imaginary creatures around my house. Apparently they have vivid imaginations!

Thank you for your request. As I’ve said before, cats are weird. They will play with almost anything, make toys of anything, and often ignore things we purchase for them. I took an empty tall medicine bottle, washed it, bored a small hole in the side and filled it with treats. It’s entertainment and enrichment as long as the treats last. Aluminum foil rolled into a ball is much better than any ball you can buy because it’s shiny and crinkly. Everything in our house is a potential toy to our cats. On the other hand, our kids never were much for playing with boxes. They wanted the good stuff. Sometimes cats are easier, and they’re definitely cheaper.

In my opinion, absolutely. Over the five cats I’ve had, almost always when I have given a gift, the cat looks at the gift and gives me a look as much as to say, well, thanks for trying anyway. And then the cat plays with (and in) the box. But I keep on trying.

Yes the box is fun for kitty’s. Also paper bags are a riot to. You don’t gotta spent a bunch of money on cats toys. They’ll play with just about anything

Yes, to the frustration of disappointed cat parents, the box is often more useful/fun for the cat than its contents.