A cat with a collar has been staying in my garden I cant keep her inside because my mom has health issues but I want to see if she is lost or abandoned Any help

Thank you for your question, Joey. The cat with a collar tells me it is someone’s pet. If the cat has tags, it will be possible to find the owners. It takes a little effort to befriend the cat to find out what is on the tags. Wear protective gloves to handle the kitty. If possible, call your vet or the humane society to get the kitty scanned for a microchip. Place flyers, cat ads around the neighborhood about the lost cat. This takes time. The shelter will usually keep the kitty until the owner is located. So sorry about your mom having health issues. I hope you will locate the owner. Good luck.

Image by ‘Happy Cats’ of a cat with a collar in the garden.

LOTS! Thanks for caring. Use a site like Nextdoor to post a found cat ad. Take her to a shelter, she belongs or belonged to someone. If anyone uses newspapers, put in a free ‘found pet’ ad.

People are so careless with cats! It is astounding. Some people need to be educated on dangers to cats, birds, and gardens . . .

She is probably well cared for but prefers your garden to her own. I have next door’s cat in my garden the whole time tho’ I don’t want him there as he tends to stalk my cat who hates him.

You could catch her and take her down to a vet to see if she has a microchip. If so you can then contact them and ask them to please keep her inside.

If she is lost – and I doubt it – then you will be able to get her address and take her home.

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Take her to your local shelter and see if she is microchipped. If they are a no-kill shelter they will keep her for 7–10 days before putting her up for adoption. If you don’t want to do that, you can still have her checked for a chip and bring her back and put up advertisements around the neighborhood for a found cat.

Call the local newspaper…animal lost and found ads are usually free, call your animal shelter, call the local vets, and write a description or photo for facebook. Good luck and bless you and the kitty.

Given the cat has a collar, she’s got an owner. She’s most likely lost; I would check with non-kill shelters to see if she’s been reported. Also, you might want to check around for posters in your area. I hope you’re able to locate her owner. 🐾

Thanks for the A2A. Take her to a vet, a no-kill shelter, or a cat rescue group. They can check if she is microchipped, or if she fits the description of any missing cats. The worst thing would be to let her stay outside.

Place flyers with her picture, just leave out if it’s a male or female. That way you know if the person claiming it is legit.
There is the Next Door app which connects you with your neighbors. Put her pic there. Also try Facebook. Call the local shelters and ask.

Try craigslist in your area or Facebook. Take a picture and post it. Or you could take her to the vet to see if she’s microchipped.

Forgive me for jumping on the obvious, but is there any information on the collar? I’m glad you are trying to help this cat. Well done.