A cat showed up to my house a year ago It was too skinny He was obviously old and very sick He had sores and he lost an eye to an infection We feed him every day but he looks like hell die any day now What do I do

Is the cat worse than he was when he showed up at your house a year ago? I’ve seen cats and dogs on their last legs for 5 even 10 years. You have a couple of choices.

  • Keep feeding him until he no longer comes around. It seems this is a I feed him but he is a stray and not the family pet. That is fine. You have been doing him a good turn for a year and that year is better than the years without you.
  • If he is really in bad shape you could take him to a vet to haver him put down. I don’t know what this cat means to you but taking him out of his misery, if he really is in misery, will cost you not an insignificant amount of cash. Unless there are free services in your town. But those are rare. You’ve never taken him to the vet before to see if he could be treated so I doubt this is a good option for you. But who knows, you could surprise me since you are expressing concern for him.

It’s a funny relationship with strays or feral cats. Sometimes you can make friends and sometimes they will tolerate you but always keeping you grabbing air when you try to pet them. Not running away from you but just moving to a comfortable spot.

I’ve taken strays and feral cats to the vet for treatment (if they let me), bandaged them up myself (if they let me). I’ve euthanized my fair share. Some have become house cats.

Some you just notice one day that they have not been around in a while and eventually you realize they are not coming back.

But you did what you did for him for a year. Keep feeding him until that feeling of I guess he’s gone, gone sneaks up on you. Sometimes it is matter-of-fact. Other times it hurts.

Hi, Marina. Thanks for posting the extra info.

You obviously know the vet, and as you say, these strays may be from animals abandoned at his practice. I would take the cat to him. Explain honestly that this is just one of the cats that shows up on your property now and then, that you’d like to know if there is anything reasonable you can do to help, but he is not your pet and there is a limit to how much you can afford to help a stray cat. See what the vet says.

It sounds like he needs eye medicine and antibiotics at the least, neither of which are expensive. Maybe some kind of skin ointment. Both respiratory and eye issues are highly contagious, so by treating them you are protecting your other cats.

If he thinks there is something that would require more expensive treatment, you can ask if he knows of any organizations that would help, as that is not within your means. Maybe he’ll offer something that will help.

If he needs to be put down and that would cost too much, you can probably find a shelter that will take him in and deal with that. But for as long as he seems happy, I would deal with the eye and respiratory issues and let nature take its course.

Thank you for caring for this boy — unlike the heartless owner who abandoned him.

Ask the vet if there is any neutering service that would help out, and spay your female cats cheaply.

ADDED: you could try setting up a Go Fund Me page for his medical expenses. Can’t hurt to try.

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Unfortunately there are a lot of diseases cats get that slowly progress until it kills them. No matter how much they eat they don’t gain their weight back. FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis), a feline form of HIV not contagious to humans. There is no treatment that will cure these diseases, just prolong them. There isn’t even reliable tests to detect them. The best you can do is keep feeding him and keep him comfortable. Some of these diseases progress in bouts. They lose weight gain it back, seem fine until the next round, losing more weight each time, indicating the disease is progressing. It is a personal decision as to having the animal euthanized. I used live in a place that had a lot of feral cats, who would get these illness (it really controlled the population) I would take them in so they would have place to die in peace. They didn’t seem to be in any pain and seem to know they were dying. Towards the end they would start mewing this plaintive wail like mew. when i picked them up and held them petting and massaging them. they stopped mewing and purred like crazy and died peacefully. I’m not going to say it isn’t depressing as hell but letting animal die in the cold to be attacked by animals and mean kids just because I didn’t want to feel bad was out of the question. What I went through was nothing compared to what they were going through.

I would suggest, if you haven’t already done so, take him in. Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives than the poor little ones who live outdoors.

He needs to see a very good Vet.

Your moggie may have all sorts of issues that should have been tended to a while ago.

Once he’s had a going over, you can take him home. He’ll find for himself a nice spot to make his own. And, if you’re lucky, he just might make your bed his favorite spot on which to sleep.

When he feels better and is emotionally secure you may see one of the grandest transformations you’ll ever see.

You may witness a Soul who had never felt love, know what it means to be valued. When this happens, your cat will light up from within.

What DO you do? Honey, you should have done something long ago. You should have called Animal Control. But, life is life. You were appaterntly.ignorant to this. I am not blaming you because it’s (blatantly) obvious that you just did not understand.

Animals are living, feeling creatures, my friend. I rescued dogs and cats for 23 years, but YOU are not someone who I am going to “rag to the road:”. You didn’t get it. But, ok. Now you know.

This old boy is done. Call the Aimal Control and tell them. Do that much for him. If he’s feral, then they’ll show you how to catch him humanely. It’s not hard. DO IT. If nothing else, you will know you did something good.

This is a lesson in life. Learn from it.

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Did it occur to you to take the cat to a vet? I had a cat hang about my house once, I called him Sam. He was really wild and would not come near us. We had about 8 cats and a dog at the time. At one point he had a bad injury so I got a live trap and got him to my vet where they treated the injury, neutered him and gave him his shots. He never became an indoor cat but I provided him with a heated kennel and a heated water dish (it’s cold in Montreal in the winter) and he lived on my balcony. My husband thought I was unkind for not providing him with a TV but he seemed to be OK and independent. He was a beautiful longhaired black cat and I did what I could. Sometimes if a cat is old and in poor health the kindest thing is euthanasia. Ask your vet.

Considering your cats obvious health issues, did you ever take your cat to the Vet when you found him?

If not, you should definitely take your cat to the Vet for a check up. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse things get for your cat.

Sometimes we may think something with certainty, however, it may turn out to be the opposite of what we thought, so it’s really worth getting professional advice, before jumping to our own conclusions.

For eg: You are under the current assumption that your cat may die any day now.

You may be right, you may be wrong, but the only way you’ll know with 100% certainty, is to have your cat seen to by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

Yes, it’s expensive, but if you truly love & care for your cat & could do anything to help in the improvement of it’s life/health, wouldn’t you want to do this?

Often when animals get sick, just like humans, this doesn’t mean they’re going to die in the very near future.

In many cases, the life of an animal can go on for years, although they’re unwell.

If it turns out to be something, however, nothing so serious that your cat requires being put to sleep, then you have a moral obligation, as it’s owner, to help add to your cats comfort & quality of life.

Worst case scenario. Even if your cat is dying, you still have an ethical/moral obligation, to make sure that your cats last days, are as pleasant & as comfortable as possible.

If we do nothing & allow our pet to suffer, this will weigh heavily on our conscience & if not now, certainly after our pet’s gone.


Because we know we could have done something more, yet we didn’t or we chose not to.

When a human being has a terminal illness & requires ongoing Palliative care, medical staff & family are obligated & willing, to care for the individual in question, right up until the point of death.

The same level of care, ought apply to our beloved pets & members of our family.

It’s incredibly hard to see a living being or creature suffering & in the case of animals, it’s hard to know exactly what they’re feeling, because they’ve no words to communicate with us, so we use our logic & better judgement & do what’s right by them.

If money is a serious issue for you, then you can still ring the Veterinary Surgery, ask to speak to one of the Vets on duty & explain in full, everything to them regarding your cats overall health & your personal thoughts.

You can make mention, in a quiet & polite manner, that you’re unable to afford professional care for your cat & see what staff advise you to do.

“Some” Vet practices will grant a concession, to those who are unable to pay a full fee.

OR they’ll do the very necessary basics for your pet, just to take the load off your back pocket.

All the best to you & your cat! 🙂

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Take him ASAP to a vet. Have fresh water available always. Do not feed him dry kibble: its very, very hard on cats’ kidneys. Read labels on cat food cans; use only cat food with no grain and fillers, as cats are obligate carnivores, (requiring meat only, unlike dogs which are omnivores). Ask your vet to worm him with a very safe wormer: fleas are a blood-sucking phase of worm reproduction.

Its obviously feral , you will just have to try to keep judging if its life quality = satisfied. Honestly, when its time it will probably take the initiative and just go off somewhere quiet and lie in the sun/ peaceful moment sort of thing.Might be 18 hours or more(and they come to peace with it) but they just seem to know. If its in big pain YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL.

Apart from that give it everything you can and hope for the best.

Thats what I would do for anything feral, its the least we can do.

Why did you not take him to an animal shelter or a vet when he first showed up????? I’d think that’d be common sense….but apparently, it wasn’t for you. Please take him to an animal shelter or a vet nearby, if they can’t save the poor cat, at least they’d be able to end the animals suffering in a more peaceful manner.

Keep him comfortable. Give him love on his last days. Take him to the vet and get him treated for his sores. The vet can tell you for sure if he is really that sick or just seems that way because he was without food for too long.

If there is a cat rescue, no kill society , in your community, call them. Otherwise you are doing well , without you the kitty would of died. You are a real hero. Thank you. When he dies bury him, say a prayer. Thank you.

If you have no pets you could bring him in and make him comfortable. Or you could take him to the Vet and if you explain the situation they may not charge you or they would charge a reduced fee to put the cat to sleep. Good luck.

Do you think that he can be saved, and live whatever time he’s got left out in relative comfort? If not…I hate to say this, but: putting the poor guy out of his misery (humanely) might be the best plan.

Take him to the vet, if you can not afford to do so find a rescue ASAP and take him to where he can get help.