A cat playfully bit me No wounds nor did it bleed however there is a red mark or line left probably because of its teeth What should I do

You have a bit of a bruise from the teeth that’s all. There’s nothing to worry about at all. Had it broken the skin I would tell you to wash it and maybe dab a bit of detail or something on it.

I don’t know where you live, I’m in Australia and we don’t have rabies here, but I have had cats all my life, hence have had bites and scratches frequently, I’ve never worried about them and never had any infection either.

If you live in an area where infections are likely then yes, wash it with soap and water, pat it dry and put on some antiseptic cream.

If you live in an area where rabies is likely then get yourself to a doctor straight away to be sure you are okay.

Cats are not poisonous so there is not real need to be concerned

Thanks for the A2A. Was it your cat? If so, you should know the vaccine status. If it is someone else’s, they should be able to tell you the cat’s vaccine status. If you do not know who the cat belongs to, you can ask that it be quarantined and observed. In any case, you should ask your doctor to look ar it. If the cat’s status cannot be determined, you can complete the series of shots.

What you should do is refrain from playing with random cats if you don’t know how to play with them safely.

You say that it was “a” cat, not your cat. Anyway, it’s probably nothing, but keep the scratch clean, and if the red mark feels sensitive, cover it with a band aid.

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I always wash any cat bite or clawing or scratch very carefully, as cats can carry bacteria on their claws and in their saliva that can cause infections. As long as it is not a stray cat, and as long as you washed the area carefully, you should be fine. I always get some inflammation after even the slightest of scratches from my own cats- so you may have some inflammation too, causing that red line.

I would do nothing except wash my hand. I don’t see how there could be any problem at all as it did not bleed or release any liquid. This merely sounds like a pressure mark that will disappear. I don’t think you, or the cat, did anything inappropriate or harmful.

I hope you have washed the red mark with enough soap and rinse well with clean water. And the read mark is a sign of a scratch from its sharp paw nails because teeth leaves a different mark.

Even just a scratch if it bleed, it needed a tetatus and rabies shot.

I would keep a watchful eye on that. When my cat bit by friend really bad I felt so bad but I called the vet and was told if she needed medical attention they would take my cat to quarantine to make sure he didn’t have rabies. He was due for his rabie shot but hadn’t gotten it yet. I also read that even if they are up to date on their shots they will still quarantine your cat for ten days. Not sure if that’s true.

Keep it clean,maybe out a little antibiotics cream on it. Doct will tell you to keep it open,but I always cover mine with a bandaid. My cat doesn’t have claws,so she bites and rips the skin.

If the bite wasn’t deep enough for you to bleed, just clean with soap and water and put a little Neosporin on it and a bandaid. It will heal just fine. And no, you won’t have rabies.

Even if Kitty bites playfully, you still need to wash the area and put a topical antibiotic on, and if things get worse go see a doc.