A cat meows at my door presses against the entrance of the door as if it wants to come inside We ignore it it leaves comes back to the door meows We fed it what I dont get is whenever the cat sees us coming it runs

Some cats are two-three-four-timers … meaning that a cat that already has a home enjoys being fickle and adopt other homes in the neighborhood. I had one such cat. He got fed really well here, but he liked to be sociable and visit “his” other homes in the neighborhood. It’s likely that this cat is similar and someone owns him. If you are considering getting him to come inside to either foster or adopt, please check around to make sure he doesn’t already have a forever home. If he doesn’t, then by all means do what you can to give him your home, your love & care.

Why does the cat run away? Well, a door separates you and him, plus he doesn’t know you well enough to get too close. People are HUGE to these four-pawed softies, so you towering over him puts him off instinctively. You might try staying outdoors if he allows you to be out there with him when he eats. As you’ve said he acts like he wants to come indoors by getting up close to the door and meows. If you are able to do so, try leaving the door open wide and stay back inside the house. Let him begin the process of tentatively stepping inside by himself without fear of a big hooman (human) being close by. Repeat this process over time and eventually you’ll be able to close the door behind him and then more fun begins for both you and him as he discovers he’s kinda trapped now and adapting to his new environment process begins full swing. Take him to your local vet and just to be sure, have the vet check for a microchip. Some cats when they get transported by car like being taken to the vet will escape the car and get lost … lots of reasons the owner of the cat might not live in your neighborhood. Be careful, too, of this little softie as he might be a feral blend kitty, so you don’t want to get swiped at and injured. Once things are more settled and ownership determined, be sure to take him to a vet for being neutered, vaccinated, etc. (if you are wanting to adopt him, of course).

He runs because he is scared. He knows you will feed him but he is afraid. If you want to take care of him I suggest making a little home for him with your scent. Make it a place that he can hide in. Keep food out for him. Keep clean water available.

You can offer him food but be careful. Bites can be bad. I use to capture cats and call the dog warden. The cats I caught were kittens that were emaciated. I actually have one of my rescues.

My queen came to my store and bit me while I was feeding her. I took her to the vet and got her checked out. She was emaciated. She weight 1 lb 9 oz at 9 months. You could see every bone in her body. It took me about a month of constant food to get her up to 2 and a half lbs. She is tiny still. She weighs a whole whopping 6 lbs. She looks like she is about 8 to 9 months. She is now 7 years old and my baby.

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It’s afraid of people, that’s their natural instinct. It takes time, long time, for the cats to overcome it if they were not socialized as kittens (and it seems like this wasn’t). What will happen is that over time it will run away from you less and less, shorter distances, slower, and then one day all of a sudden it won’t, probably it will take a few weeks, months perhaps.

It trusts you as a source of food, but being an outdoor cat, it knows that humans can be very dangerous. No doubt the way you approach the cat—walking, looming over it—makes you seem like a potential danger. My own experience with such cats is that if you sit down and put the food near you, oftent hey will approach, they eat, and you can pet them—although a starving cat can act like a dog around food, so often it is better to wait until they are done eating. If you can pet them and hold them, then this is a sign that they can become indoor cats. While outside, they may still act afraid of you. But once inside, they will typically grow very secure in your presence.