A cat is meowing at you through a screen door and now you can read their mind What is the cat thinking

“I’m hungry! I’m cold! I’m hurt! Please let me in! I need attention!”. Of course, if you do open the door, the cat may promptly run away—but it will probably be back. If you keep offering to take it inside, I think sooner or later—when conditions outside get REALLY bad—it will take you up on your offer. Once inside, the cat may run and hide. In which case, set out food, water, and litter, and wait for it to emerge. This may take a while.

Q: A cat is meowing at you through a screen door and now you can read their mind. What is the cat thinking?

The cat is thinking the same thing cats always think when they encounter a closed door.

The cat is thinking, “Open the damn door.”

The cat is thinking, open the door so I can come in. What is wrong with you? If you don’t let me in I will shred the screen and come in myself. I am hungry and I need to use the litter box. You don’t expect me to potty in public, do you? OPEN THE DOOR, please

It’s thinking, “Let me in! Feed me! Give me a warm place to sleep! This place looks like someplace I’d like to be, but you have to let me inside to check it out.”

If you don’t immediately open this door so I can stand in the middle of the doorway, I will rip this screen to shreds for you.

Either “let me in” or “let me out” depending on which side of the screen door it is on.

“I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m lonely, please let me in and be my mommy.”

Let me in, let me in, let me in!