A black cat crossing your path is bad luck but what about white or brown cats

Good grief! When are people going to get off the superstition truck and realize that a black cat crossing your path is not bad luck, it’s a black cat walking in front of you or across the path in front of you, or behind you, or in between you and another person. He has somewhere to go, just like you do.

Black cats get enough of a bad rap without people spreading the idiotic notion that their presence in their world is bad luck. I have rescued many, many black cats in my lifetime. They are no different than white or brown cats. They are animals: affectionate, loving, wonderful – and innocent.

A black cat is any cat who is part Siamese. That’s it.

People need to get off their case.

Any cat crossing your way is not bad luck. Cats are considered good luck. They foresee ill omens and ward them off before reaching us. I consider it very auspicious if a cat crosses my way.

A black cat crossing your path is NOT bad luck. It is a superstition. Black cats are just as wonderful and affectionate and funny and intelligent and curious and adorable as any other cats. Bad luck is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone who has a black cat will tell you that.

Cats of any color are NOT bad luck. That’s a superstition that has done much to keeping people from adopting black cats.

It is false that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. It’s just a superstition – a particularly silly one.