A befriended stray kitten bit my finger while licking it for fish oil There are only two bite marks one bled and the other made a tiny bump Should I be worried

Cat bites, especially outdoor cat bites, can cause real problems.

I hope you washed it thoroughly and disinfected it.

I wouldn’t give cats fish oil or any oil. Give them cat food.

ANY type of oil can give a cat cirrhosis of the liver and death if given too much, which can be a small amount. This is why weight loss can be such a problem.

I would go to the emergency room at any sign of infection but this might not cause a problem at all.

You probably don’t need to worry. The one that bled broke the skin, so keep an eye out for any infection. If it happens, have it looked at. But it sounds like a minor injury that will heal.

You should be fine. As long as you washed it well with soap and water after it happened. It wouldn’t hurt to put some antibiotic ointment on it too for a day or 2.

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