3 days ago my cat fled from our house We brought her back Shes been meawoing very loud and rolling on the ground Today she tried to flee again in same direction Is this due to being in heat or is she afraid to stay

OMG. How old is your cat? Is she spayed? In other words, did you take her to the vet and have her sterilized? If you have not, or don’t have any proof someone else has done so, YES, SHE’S IN HEAT. Of COURSE she’s in heat. It’s kind of agonizing. You need to get her to the vet ASAP and have her spayed. She will stop the behaviors and be so much happier. Plus, we don’t need any more kittens in the world.

She’s doing this definitely because she is in heat. She wants out to mate. Meowing and rolling over is a symptom of being in heat. Either wait until she’s out of heat and have her spayed or work something out in your house to be easier to keep her from escaping … unless you are wanting to have a litter of kittens in a few months. Gone for 3 days? She might already be pregnant … cat’s will still be in heat even if they recently mated.

Yes she is probably in heat. Do you know how many kittens are euthanized every year in shelters, because there are too many and not enough homes. Cats do not need to have kittens to live a fulfilled life. Please, I beg of you, get to a vet immediately and do not wait one more day and have her spayed. Don’t delay.

The fact that you ask if she’s “ in heat” means you haven’t spayed her. She wants to get away to mate, which means your little queen will have kittens. Do you want that?

SHE’S IN HEAT. PLEASE KEEP HER INDOORS AND DO NOT LET HER OUTSIDE. When her heat is over, please get her spayed. And keep her indoors for life. Cats are not safe outdoors.

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Congratulations, your cat is pregnant. Probably by several males, the little slut.

Call your vet and find out if she can be spayed while in heat. If so, have it done right away. This will take care of the problem pregnancy, and your cat will never have to go through heat again. It’s not a pleasant condition.

Please spay her. An unspayed cat will be frantic to find a partner to breed and you’ll end up with an accidental litter. Also, she might be a door dashing cat, but if you didn’t spay her yet, PLEASE DO SO. If she is a door dashing cat, then you want to leash train her. But you did mention that she isn’t spayed so please spay her first then see if this behavior has disapeared or not.

If she has not been spayed, she is probably in heat. She might have even been impregnated while she was outside. Get her fixed.

100% your cat is in heat. It’s not fun for her, it’s not fun for you and she needs to get spayed so it never happens again!

She’s horny and she would like to go outside and make kittens, that way after she’s gone one day you can be their guardians.

Sounds like heat. Get her fixed. It’ll help with the running away, the crazy behavior, and can also help lower their risk of cancer.