3 cats live outside One gave birth kittens stayed in cardboard box Approx 2 weeks pass after regular care At 6pm the kittens werent in box even after seeing them hours earlier Where did they go Mother was with me as

Chances are that the mother cat has moved her babies to what she considers a safer place. Before I managed to get my female ferals spayed, a number of them would have their kittens in boxes on my front porch, where they were perfectly safe. I began to notice a pattern. When the babies all had their eyes open, ( approximately 2 weeks) the mothers would move their babies and hide them. Some cats will move their kittens, (even inside cats) if you are giving them to much attention, petting or picking them up. When your mother cat comes to eat, watch where she goes and follow her, but don’t get to close to her, or she may not go straight to her babies. Cats are smart. Yes, cats can hide their kittens, almost in plain sight and you can’t find them because the kittens will stay completely silent and still unless the mother cat calls to them. Your backyard sounds like it is a safe place for the kittens. Please let us know when you find them.

Momma cat knows exactly where they are. She’s moved them somewhere she feels is safer than the box she gave birth in, which to her is smelly and predator bait. Just quietly watch her and follow her at a distance to find the kittens.

Now, if she’s crying and calling, and she’s full of milk, something got the kittens. Could have been a predator like a fox or a stray dog. If one of the other two cats are tomcats, he may have killed them — they do that if the kittens aren’t theirs to bring the mother back into heat. If the other two cats are female, one may have stolen the kittens — they do that too. Watch the other two and see if one sneaks away and follow her. She might lead you to the kittens.

She moved them and you need to find them or a dog got them. Could even be a wild animal. No one would admit to tying a dog on a chain, but so many will admit to leaving defenseless kittens outside. They are babies, and no less important and in my opinion much more precious than a dog. You wouldn’t tether a dog so why do something worse and leave helpless baby kittens outside?