2 years ago I helped to save a neighbor s nearly dead outdoor cat from heat stroke Now when she sees me she gets very excited and wants to be petted She also follows me leads me home and tries to come inside She has

This cat has obviously chosen you as her owner. You have shown her kindness & saved her life. She knows the goodness in you, she rushes to you to show you affection and wants very much the human touch to be petted. Being an outdoor cat she is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, is exposed to predators, may get into fights with other cats over food – basically her survival is not good. Please, just let her inside and show her the affections she craves and let her stay as long as she wants. Perhaps you could also feed her which will stop her preying on birds, frogs, small mammals – cats can do tremendous damage to wildlife. Her owners seem quite uncaring by leaving her as an outdoor cat with no socialisation or human company which is what she craves. Just let her slowly become your cat, if you speak to them about it they may not be happy about it – in the meantime, feed her, take her to the Vet to have her sterilised & vaccinated – this good deed will come back to you tenfold. 2 years have passed since you saved her life and she still remembers you with joy – please just adopt her.

She remembers that you saved her and she will always appreciate that. Welcome her, pet her, play with her, give her some treats … and let the neighbors know that you are not trying to “steal” her. She’ll probably leave after a while and go home anyway.

Years ago I saved a neighbor’s dog from a dog fight (a pack of stray dogs had attacked him). I knew that dog just by sight, he used to pass by our house daily to visit another dog in the village. He had never paid any attention to me. Until the day when I chased his attackers away. From that day on, he would come every day, greet me, lie on his back and I’d give him belly rubs… And a treat every now and then. He was such a sweet little fellow. You know, animals remember and appreciate people who have helped them and done them good. Enjoy your new friendship and don’t feel guilty. Feel proud. I’m sure your neighbors will understand.

Many outdoor cats have secondary homes that they visit for friendship and treats. If you would like to let her visit inside, ask the owners if it is okay, and meanwhile, don’t feel at all guilty about having a friendship with her.

When a coworker of mine lost his indoor-outdoor cat, many neighbors came to express their condolences. It turns out the cat had five other houses he would visit every day while the owner was at work, just to hang out with people he liked.

One older gentleman on Quora posted a story about a neighborhood cat who would show up every afternoon to take a nap on his lap.

The one thing I would do is confirm the cat is up to date on rabies shots, if she is going to hang around.

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No, your neighbor’s cat does not have a home. Outdoor cats are subjected to cruel people, traffic, and predators. Ask your neighbors if you can adopt their kitty. Explain to them that there are people who drive through neighborhoods and kidnap cats to sell for research or use in the occult, not to mention her exposure to the elements (through which she has already suffered).

Tell them that they can come visit the kitty any time, but you have fallen in love with her, and she is also fond of you. ❤️Please let us know if they agree.

You can put up an outdoor enclosure attached to your house so that they can see the kitty whenever she’s safely inside it.

If they permit you to adopt the cat, please don’t let her outdoors again, for the above reasons.

She is beyond a doubt thankful to you for saving her life. Whatever life she may have. She looks to you as her hero. What should you do?

Well, I’d pet her, I’d show her the love she is lacking from the house she is not getting that T.L.C.she needs and craves. If the owner sees you with her, or she with you, just let them know what happened, how you helped her from getting heat stroke, and every time she sees you, she has to say hello.

If they are not home all day, or during the week, maybe they will let you keep her. Wouldn’t that be great?

Let her in and if she asks feed her. She sees you as her saviour and protector. Give her the option of going out at night, if she wants to stay at night then let her.

Possibly let the neighbours know, if you feel they would be okay about it, but as she’s an outside cat they may not care. Up to you.

You can’t choose a cat, a cat chooses you and that is what she has done.

Enjoy her. Love is not an every day event, so value it and give her all she – and you -want, she will return it. 🙂

PS. See what happens when you save a cat? 🙂

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Cats choose. I’d let her in. She may only stay for awhile daily, enjoying your presence and then going home or she may choose to make her home with you permanently. If the neighbor objects, you can talk to her about switching ownership. But animals know what and who they want and I believe in honoring that. If the neighbor didn’t have the sense to leave her water in circumstances that severe, she played her own part in the cat’s decision. It’s not surprising she would prefer the one who looked out for her.

First of all. that outdoor cat does not have a home.

Second, she thinks because you saved her that you care about her.

Third, she really like you.

The cat obviously needs a home and wants to live with you. You saved her life once so you may need to do so again. Adopting her would save her life. Her owner was content to let her die once, this shows a lack of care or concern for the cat. And who knows, if you adopted her you may find it beneficial to both of you.

just love on her for a bit outside, maybe give her a piece of deli meat for a treat then let her be. i had a very affectionate cat across the street from me who was an outdoor cat and he would come over and hangout and nap in our garage in the summer. the cats just being friendly, it knows where it belongs, give it a bit of the attention it wants and then be on your way 🙂

our neighborhood has a few stray cats that are unusually friendly. I, along with 3 other neighbors, feed the cat(s) on a regular basis and they roam/stay where they choose. My porch is popular when it’s cold out, being that I have a heating pad plugged in for them to sleep on. One even comes inside to visit my German Shepherd, who she’s very fond of. Just enjoy its company while it’s there and send it on it’s way when it’s ready.

She is not getting any love or attention where she stays she want a home . She might be real hungry or may be being abused she needs you to look a bit deeper at the situation animal abuse is very much going on it’s the safest thing I can’t get images out of my mind so please for her sake just check it out thank you

If she has a nice home, don’t feed her. If the home she has isn’t looking after her very well, then it’s up to you if you want to feed her.

Take her little visits to you as a compliment. She likes you.

I would let her come inside if it were me.

Perhaps your neighbor would be okay with you taking her in? I would probably just open the door and let her in, making sure about flea meds first. It sounds to me like she would have a better home with you.

There are several children’s books about cats with multiple homes for different times of the day. Cats like having ‘safe houses’. Rather like Sherlock Holmes.

Pet her, let her come in occasionally, but don’t feed her. She’ll get used to the idea that she’s welcome but for FOOD she has to go home.

Let her visit when she wants to, but let her owner do the heavy lifting. You have the best of both worlds: a nice kitty to keep you company sometimes without having to do much to take care of her.

Let her in. Clearly, her owner doesn’t give a shit about her if she left her outside while a heat wave is going on.

Sounds like you just got adopted.

Just love her she’s thanking u for ur compassion wich is rare nowdays especially twords animals .