1 year old cat male will sneak up on other 3 year old female cat as if hunting and jumps on her back Female starts hissing and swatting How do I make it stop She is stressed out

I am going thru the same issue right now and don’t know what to do. We have been isolating them , letting them into the house separately, but they still meet up and have hissing matches, but it is just posturing. We hope they will integrate soon. It is stressful for all concerned. The main thing is to give them separate litter boxes and separate eating quarters. Also, cats need to “own” an area so there,s that too.. You just have to give them their own time.

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If the male hasn’t been fixed (neutered) that’s the first order of business. If he has been fixed, you can try using a pheromone diffuser. The company Feliway makes a product called “multi-cat”, which is a liquid that contains maternal pheromones that help to calm cats in multi-cat households. It seems to help keep my two boys from fighting. Look for it on Pet Food, Products, Supplies at Low Prices – Free Shipping or Amazon.com

If the 1 year old has not been neutered, that should be the first order of business. He will be a happier cat and so will the female. Adult males that have not been neutered will display aggressive and territorial behaviors, such as you describe, and spraying surfaces in the home to “mark.” You can avoid this with a simple, surgical procedure. Again, sooner rather than later!

If he is not neutered, do that. It won’t stop otherwise.

If he’s neutered & she’s spayed, then throw a towel at them every time he does it.